Taurus March 2015


Taurus March 2015

This month a period of independence and power begins, a period that will last about two months. Your time has come to shine! The are now able to do the best for yourself. Why would not you? Allow yourself to pursue your happiness, because this period will end.

Love and relationships
The Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 falls into your House of Friendships. Friends, group activities, associations, social engagement, social issues and that concerns other people will be a major issue during this Solar Eclipse. Public opinion will affect your reputation, whether good or bad. Because of the presence of Saturn in the House of Relationships in the last 2 1/2 years, you have had to deal with major changes in your relationship, conflicts, separation, divorce or lawsuits. It could also be the case that you are married and have started a family. Saturn in Sagittarius in the eighth House in the next two years brings themes such as intimacy, sexuality and affinity on the agenda. Superficiality is no longer the case, it goes much deeper. What are your secret and deep desires and are they fulfilled? Saturn puts the finger on the spot, but ultimately, it's all about you and your highest degree of happiness.

Family and home
The Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 also has its effect on your family. It is recommended to stay at home with your family or at least take some time off that day. The same applies to your family members! There are problems in the family or defects in the house. With the Eclipse becomes clear what needs to be done to repair these defects. Emotions may rouse in your family with the Solar Eclipse. It is important to stay calm and remain patient.

Your career is progressing well because of the Lunar node in the House of Work. This beneficent presence will remain in the House of Work until October 2015! Your social environment will support you in your job or in all business decisions.
Next month you may expect great news about your work! When you are in business, you may encounter financial difficulties in the private sphere, with partners or clients. If you work in the spiritual world, then there are changes caused by crisis situations or disruptions.

This month looks good in terms of money. Mercury is no longer retrograde, arising clarity about financial affairs. In the first half of March you can expect financial support from your boss, parents and authority figures. In the first half of March you can expect more money and that has to do with your reputation and appreciation for your performance. After March 13 2015, Mercury in Pisces enhances your flawless financial judgment and intuition. Dreams and predictions are of great importance for your finances in the second half of the month. At the end of December 2014, Saturn entered your House of Shared Finances. Over the next two years, the focus is on the renovation of finance loans, investment sand and shared finances as the income of the partner or of a resident family member. If there may be problems caused by arrears, tax debt, mortgage debt or credit card debt, now is the time to clean up the act. Saturn forces you to address these issues, as it were, whether you like it or not! It is possible that your partner is going to lose his or her job what affects their income.

Your health is fine. You can even improve your condition by paying attention especially to the head and face. Massages are beneficial and bring you in balance. In the second half of March 2015, the attention will be shifted to your neck and throat. Singing has a healing effect. This vibration brings your fifth chakra in balance.

Probably you may have sensed a relief since the end of December 2014. Because of Saturn in Scorpio, in the past 2 1/2 years have you had to deal with karmic lessons and tests referring to in-depth business and personal issues. From mid-June to mid-September 2015 Saturn returns to Scorpio, your opposite sign, just to make sure you learned those lessons.