Scorpio March 2015


Scorpio March 2015

It may feel as if an emotional burden has fallen off your shoulders now Saturn has left your own sign Scorpio. In the past 2 1/2 years you have had the opportunity to get to know your own dark and to share this with the world.
This revelation has led to open yourself and the release of old pain.

Love and Relationships
At first glance your relationship looks like a rose garden. You have more patience with your beloved, especially in the first week of March 2015. Emotions in a relationship may be running high. A love relationship is put to the test this month. The Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 falls in the House of Love and Romance. On this day a new love may cross your path or an existing relationship is disconnected. In the second half of March 2015 there is likely to be a romantic meeting for the free Scorpio. The last week of March 2015 looks promising for love!

Family and Home
The Solar Eclipse in Pisces of March 20 falls in the House of Love and Children. A child or children in your family will be prominent with this Eclipse. A child or children are going to change. Wings are growing to present themselves to the world. It is recommended to protract children as much as possible from all stress and risky activities.

The Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 also has its impact on your House of Work. In the run-up to the Eclipse, in the second week of March 2015 there will be an unstable atmosphere at work. Perhaps a change at work turns your life totally upside down, but which ultimately this turns out to be positive. If you own a business changes will take place in the staffing. In the company where you work or in the branch of industry in which you work reorganizations are likely. A change of management or a current rule or regulation concerning working conditions is adjusted. If you are looking for a job, the best opportunities are after March 20, 2015. Hiring good staff will also improve after 20 March 2015.

Jupiter is your planet of Money. Jupiter is in the fire sign Leo. When the Sun enters fiery Aries on 21 March 2015, a mutual positive connection will be created. This brings you financial benefit! Money comes through your work, your boss, parents and the elderly. A new job or promotion within the company where you work could benefit financially. Jupiter and the Sun offer you a solution if you have a financial dispute with the IRS or other government agency. Please note that Jupiter is retrograded. Income coincide with delays and conditions. Make sure you read the fine print before you make a purchase or put a signature under a financial agreement. The smallest errors lead to enormous concerns. Be reluctant with speculations at this time of year.

Your health this month is good, especially in the second half of March 2015. The Sun in Aries enters your House of Health and joins Mars and Uranus, which is very good news regarding your health.

The last square between the progressive Uranus and the trans formative Pluto on 17 March 2015 clears the way to a free future. The Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 awakes your creative mind. Go for it, if you want to proceed with a creative project.