Sagittarius March 2015


Sagittarius March 2015

Until 11th August 2015, your planet Jupiter travels through Leo. For you this means a prosperous voyage indeed! This journey allows you the opportunity to shine! For the most part of 2015, Saturn travels through your own sign. This energy brings you back to yourself. You don’t look so far over the horizon as you use to do, but now you look at your own possibilities. You will be able to look at the future with much more confidence and clarity.

Love and Relationships
Your magnetic attraction makes you irresistible in the first half of March 2015 ! Your charming personality, however, could lead to jealousy, also in your committed relationship. Assure your partner of your undivided attention and love and you will be rewarded with affection and tenderness. The Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 falls in your House of Love and Romance. The free Sagittarius will be looking for love and romance. In a committed relationship are you extra romantic and attentive, but you are restless. When the Eclipse is over the peace will return in your love life. You have so much to look forward to!

Family and Home
The Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 also affects your Home of Family. There will be clarity about a matter concerning your family. It's time to pave the way for change. You realize what your family means to you. Your hometown, your house, your family is the theme of this Solar Eclipse, whether positive or negative. There may be problems in your family. The time has come to acknowledge these problems and to address them to restore peace and harmony. Family members or family members can be extra sensitive with this event because of personal circumstances, especially children in family. Try to give children as possible a safe feeling. Stay patient and keep communicating, no matter what. All solar eclipses in the next two years will be in Pisces and Virgo. Until the end of February 2017, these Eclipses will affect your family and your career, so expect positive changes in your life, such as a birth, marriage or a move.

The Full Moon of March 5 2015 falls in your House of Career, Sagittarius. With this Full Moon a project can be brought to a sudden completion. It’s a project you started last month with. It's something you can be proud of! Creativity is prominent this month.
If you are a student, you get this month to do with adjustments for what concerns your studies. For example, another study direction. Rules are being adjusted causing that your choice for a certain kind of education can not be honored. The Solar Eclipse of March 20 in Pisces can lead to problems in the Church or in another form of faith. This Solar Eclipse event could lead to a crisis of faith. All solar eclipses in the next two years will be in Pisces and Virgo. Until the end of February 2017 these eclipses affect your family, but also your career, so here large positive changes in your life are to be expected, for instance a new job or other residence.

Your planet Jupiter will remain in Leo until 11 August 2015 and this dynamic aspect is offering you great ideas and possibilities to handle obstacles and to see the big picture. In March 2015, you will need the help of Jupiter. In the first half of the month there are some problems. Saturn is your planet of Money and it goes retrograde on March 14 2015. In short, this means that financial prosperity won’t come easy. Money will appear in abundance, but it will be there. The square between Pluto and Uranus on March 17 2015 will lead to a creative solution of a financial situation. After March 21 2015, there will be little improvement in your finances.

Pay more attention to your health, especially in the first half of March 2015. Your head needs more attention from March 17 2015. Think of a cranio-sacral treatment, facial or scalp massage at the hairdresser or beautician. The face and scalp have many pressure points that are connected to the rest of the body. Get plenty of exercise, too. In the second half of the month the attention shifts to the neck and throat. Make sure there is no tension in the neck and have a regular massage. After March 21 2015 there will be improvement in your general condition and health.

The Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 mainly affects Sagittarius born from 19 to December 20. Moreover, it is recommended for each zodiac sign from 15 to 22 March 2015 to take it easy! Do not travel during this period of the Solar Eclipse.