Pisces March 2015


Pisces March 2015

In the next six months 'you are going under' to redefine yourself, your personality, attitude and image. During this period of cosmic hibernation you undergo a true metamorphosis, your inner world and appearance. The result is a reflection of who you are in this stage of your life. The Solar Eclipse in Pisces of March 20 2015 falls in your first House of Personality. It is the gateway to this new period in your life. Especially Pisces born from 18 to March 20 feels this eclipse the most. This period will lead to a greater awareness.

Love and Relationships
The entry of Mercury in Pisces means good news for your love life! You are irresistible! You will find that your partner, beloved, your husband or wife is more affectionate. Matters of the heart are shared in an atmosphere of integrity and tenderness. When you are not involved in a relationship, just keep your eyes and ears wide open. Love will find it way to you this month!

Family and Home
The Full Moon in Virgo of March 5 2015 is a beautiful position to make plans for the future. Try as much as possible to spend time with your family. March 2015 is especially suitable for a house renovation. Maybe you're gravitating on the housing market. It could also be that you decide to take a child. It's all in the stars!

Every Solar Eclipse brings changes in career, because the Sun reigns over your House of Work. These could be nice changes, but events put your life upside down. This could mean a special assignment in the company where you work or you get a new job. In any case, a fresh start. If you own a business you will notice that there is a troubled atmosphere among personnel. In the next month there are personnel changes. Everything will end up good. It will not be too difficult to attract good and professional staff.

The Solar Eclipse on March 20, 2015 has its impact on both the House of Personality and the House of Finance as well. In the prelude to the Eclipse and in the next six months there will be major changes occurring in your finances. Starting from 2010, Uranus, the planet of unexpected twists, travels through your House of Finance. Probably you have become accustomed to the unexpected in the financial field. (until March 2019 Uranus will reside here). During these years your spending habits change and you begin to think more realistic about money and property. Mars is your planet of Money and in the second week of March 2015 Mars forms a power aspect with Uranus and Pluto. Problems are temporary. The Eclipse shows unexpected expenses, but you have the means to make ends meet. The Solar Eclipse shows painful themes where adjustments need to be done.

Despite the influence of the Solar Eclipse there are no worries regarding your health. Don't forget your feet this month. Visit the pedicure and allow your feet be pampered. From March 21 2015 a facial or a relaxing head massage is recommended. Natural cures and other holistic treatments such as Reiki are this month particularly beneficial. Also don't forget to exercise regularly to relax. Especially after March 21 2015 don’t forget to visit the Garden of Mother Nature.

The mystical Neptune is your ruling planet. Neptune travels through your own sign Pisces until 2026.You will be invited by Neptune to open up your heart and soul spiritually. On this mystical journey you grow as a human being to a higher level of spiritual awareness. During these years you open up to all spheres that take you to other dimensions. Think of music, prayer, meditation, art and wandering through the Gardens of Mother Nature. However, keep both feet firmly on the Earth.