Libra March 2015


Libra March 2015

Every Solar Eclipse put friendships to the test and so does this particular Solar Eclipse. In a relationship many things may be wrong. This Solar Eclipse clarifies an underlying problem in the life of a friend or girlfriend. Awareness of this leads to a positive solution of the problem.

Love and Relationships
Because of the presence of Mars in the House of Relationships, you feel a burning love in the first half of March 2015! Mars is your planet of Love and this means love at first sight. You go through fire and water for someone to win his or her heart! But it could also be the case that tomorrow your thoughts are with someone else. Your love life is far from stable this month. Your love life shows lot of ups and downs this month. Despite all the disturbances this month and unexpected and surprising moments you are willing to fight for love and your relationship. The Solar Eclipse of March 20 2015 falls in Libra’s House of Work, but also in the House of Relationships. In love you may be facing turmoil, disruption or something can suddenly come to an end, for instance a wedding, engagement or a budding relationship. In any case, a relationship will be put to the test. Underlying problems are now coming to the surface to be addressed.

Family and Home
The exact square between Uranus and Pluto on March 17 2015 challenges you to come up with new diplomatic methods to keep and restore the peace in your family. Ever since 2012 things have not been easy for you to keep the peace the way you would like it to be. The first three months of 2015 are challenging to finding solutions. Especially March 2015 will be a challenge for you to be decisive and to remain diplomatic.

The Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 affects your House of Work, Health and Daily Activities. Your daily routine or health could suddenly change in a way so that you are not able to work. However, the Solar Eclipse brings a change that fits better with your daily routine. There may be changes occurring in the company you work for in the form of reorganization. Provide for an antiviral system and a good backup of your computer because hackers are lurking. Technology is great when things work the way they should, but is a disaster when it's not.

In the second half of March 2015 Venus enters Libra’s House of Shared Finances. After March 21, 2015 things improve in terms of finances. However, be cautious with investments. Before you make a purchase or investment a thorough research is advised. This advice also applies for months to come.

The Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 happens in your House of Health. Take good care, because it is possible that you are involved in an accident. In any case, your daily routine will be distorted. A health issue requires your attention. The changes that occur will ultimately benefit your health. Take plenty of rest in the second half of March 2015.

The Eclipse has the most impact on the early Libra born from 22 to 24 September. Take it easy in this frantic period!