Gemini March 2015


Gemini March 2015

Your planet Mercury is back on track! After the first retrograde period of 2015 in which you have gained new ideas you will find that everything is on the move again. Your batteries are recharged and the world awaits the implementation of your great plans! Your career and social life are this month at the top of your priority list.

Love and Relationships
In addition to good prospects in your career, this month you can also look forward to good news in matters of the heart after 20 March 2015. And it’s all because of Jupiter, your planet of Love!. Gradually, your love life is improving. The relationship between you and your partner is going to improve, but Love is still not the main theme this month. The free Gemini could meet a special person this month. Unlikely this encounter will lead to a committed relationship or marriage at this moment. But why would you tie the knot so quickly? Saturn will remain in your House of Relationships over the next two years and Jupiter is still retrograde. Enjoy all the romantic moments and don’t expect too much of it, (yet).

Family and Home
In your family and family there are tensions. It is possible that this has to do with the fact that your family think you career comes first. Listen carefully to what is said in your family and family before taking action. Try as much as possible, to avoid conflicts with your family and spend some quality time with them.

For quite some time, the focus is on your career and your social life. The Solar Eclipse in Pisces of March 20 2015 falls in your House of Career and Reputation. You enjoy popularity with your boss, your colleagues, employees and customers. With this Solar Eclipse in the highest House of the horoscope something that has to do with your social status or career will be granted or denied. It is possible that you are working on something important in your life and you come to the conclusion that it does not meet up to expectations. This Solar Eclipse reflects how the environment loos at you and your performance, regardless of whether it looks good or less good. The Solar Eclipse can also affect the lives of friends, your boss, parents and authorities. There may be measures detrimental to your career or work area. Make sure you computer files are in order. Gemini born from 19 to June 21 feels this energy the strongest.

This month there will be no change in terms of your finances. Anyway, it remains stable without too many problems. Financial loss may occur when there are shared finances with the partner, spouse or business partner.

Especially in the first half of March 2015 you have to watch your health. Make sure you get adequate rest. Half an hour's work, half an hour of rest works wonders. Try to meditate to ease your restless mind. From 9 to March 12 2015 Mars is square Pluto, your planet of health and that could be detrimental to your health. Also avoid confrontations and risky activities as much during this period. After March 20, 2015 your health and energy will improve.

You will experience a period of independence and strength. March 2015 is a good month to look forward and to make future plans. You are responsible for your own happiness!