Capricorn March 2015


Capricorn March 2015

Your personal planet is Saturn. Saturn travels since the end December 2014 through the spirited and optimistic sign of Sagittarius. In the Summer of 2015 Saturn returns to Scorpio to put things right. The last period Saturn was in Sagittarius was from 1985 to 1987.
Once again you are confronted with themes from these years. But now you approach these issues from a mature and higher perspective.

Love and Relationships
Your love life is undergoing a gradual change this month. In the first half of March 2015, there is a special meeting fort he free Capricorn. In the first half of March 2015 there may be problems in a fixed relationship causing you to be extra careful. The second half of March 2015 looks promising. Venus enters your House of Love and Romance on March 18 2015. There is some improvement, but it does require a cautious approach in order to maintain the harmony. Try not to always take control and give your partner the space to take initiatives. Give each other space in order to bring positive change in the relationship.

Family and Home
March 2015 is suitable for home makeover, modeling or redesigning or spring cleaning. On March 20, 2015 there a Solar Eclipse in Pisces. The Capricorn born from 21 to 23 December will feel this planetary event the strongest. Take it easy during this Eclipse. You receive a strange message, see or hear something strange in the media which sweeps you off your feet. This Solar Eclipse affects both your House of Communication as the House of Family. Hidden things in the family are revealed. In the lives of family members, parents, sisters or brothers, acquaintances or neighbors a special event may be happening.

Starting from March 20, 2015 a major planetary shift takes place. This changes your independent attitude to a more involved one. This shift becomes permanent in April 2015. Your individual desires remain important, but now the time has come to focus your attention more to the other. After March 20, it becomes difficult to make adjustments and you will be more or less forced to adapt yourself to the new situation. Cooperation will be the key to success over the next six months. Social skills will be more important than personal skills.

The Solar Eclipse of March 20 2015 will affect your House of Shared Finances. There may be a crisis situation or any kind of distortion regarding to the finances of your partner, lover, husband or wife. He or she is forced to make financial measures. If you're dealing with real estate or insurance claim, there will be progress. Eventually it all comes together. The eighth House is the House of Pluto, the realm of the soul, of death and rebirth. No matter what happens, it brings you in contact with the true meaning of life.

You may have less energy after March 20 2015. Take plenty of rest this month. Generally is your health is good, but this month you have to do with the square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in your sign Capricorn. This affects your energy and health. In the first half of March 2015 you should pay attention to the lower legs and ankles. In the second half of the month you benefit from a foot massage and foot reflexology. Spiritual therapy is a beneficial source of healing for you.

The Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 falls in your House of Communication. Your car or other means of transport can break down and needs to be repaired or replaced or you computer can fail. Also in communication things go wrong, such as quarrels with brothers, sisters, aunts or uncles,acquaintances or neighbors. Drive carefully or take special care if you have to travel by car or other means of transport.