Cancer March 2015


Cancer March 2015

In March 2015, there are two things that are important to you. Your career and the Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015. Being a Cancer you are you sensitive to the light of the Moon.
When the Moon takes away the light of the Sun on March 20, a new experience will have a trans formative influence on you.

Love and Relationships
Your career is important this month and even for love! Love may grow at work or you can fall in love with a business relation or someone who is involved in your career at a business meeting.

Family and Home
In this period of your life, your career comes first place. Your family and private life is less important. Postpone decisions regarding your family to the end of this month. The Moon in Libra on 7 and March 8 2015 will visit your House of Family, just after her Full Moon phase. The first weekend of March 2015 is therefore suitable to schedule some quality time with your family to catch up and have some fun together.

Since 2010, Uranus resides in the House of Career, so changes are not strange to you and it will be easier to adjust yourself.
The strong planet occupation in the House of Career shows that your career is already booming since beginning of this year. Progress is made in March 2015, but not all your career goals are to be met this month. At the end of the month you will see that goals are within reach. The Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 shows a huge transformation to your career. This event leads to another job with a better financial perspective, a business or career switch. Also in the lives of your boss, parents or elderly people in your life changes are taking place. Especially the early Cancer born from 21 to 23 June will notice the energy of this Solar Eclipse.

The Sun is your planet of Finance. Each Solar Eclipse therefore affect your finances. This Solar Eclipse brings changes in the field of financial strategy and financial thinking. Often because of a crisis or disruption in life. Changes are usually made if there is no other way. The changes are not always pleasant, but will prove to be effective in the end. Generally it looks good despite large expenditure. At the end of March 2015 there will be an improvement of the financial situation. An investment will eventually do you no harm.

Your health is less starting from March 20, 2015, so it is recommended to take it easy it in the second half of March 2015. In the second half of March 2015 you could catch a cold.

The Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 falls into the House of Career. Also the House of Higher consciousness, Study, Spirituality and Travel is affected by the Eclipse. This event can motivate a change of address or place of residence. It could also be that you decide to make a far journey. You ask yourself who you are, you question life as a whole, the direction you take and what your role is in this life. Maybe you decide to study or change a course or school to change or decide to follow any other spiritual path. It can also be that you have a leap of faith to venture to your boundaries.