Scorpio June 2015


Scorpio June 2015


In June 2015 your career and profession come in the first place. Your relationship and home are less important this month. Your gut will help you to achieve your goals. What you need to do is adapt yourself as much as possible in every situation. Be tactful in your interaction with others.

Love and Relationships
After a quiet start in June 2015, in the first week a storm comes up in your relationship. It is quite possible that this relational storm has to do with children. A date with a single man or woman can be problematic when children are involved. Have patience. You all need time to get used to each other. Allow yourself some time.

Family and Home
Chores and responsible tasks need to be done. Keep it cool, Scorpio. If you do everything with a smile, everything goes much faster! There is someone in your environment that motivates you and keeps you going, an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. This month there are squabbles with siblings, uncles and aunts so that the atmosphere in the home or family sometimes is very tense.

June 2015 is full of energy and is a great month for foreign trade! For the Scorpio who is working in the world of science June 2015 is a beautiful month in which progress can be achieved by studying. Collaboration is the key to business success this month. In the second half of June 2015 the innovative connection between Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries encourages to list and detail your creative ideas and deploy them successfully!

The Full Moon of June 2, 2015 falls in your House of Finance! It shows that June 2015 is a financially prosperous month. However, every advantage has its disadvantage. The downside is that you tend to make a rather risky investment or lending money to friends and family or to spend money on unnecessary things. Watch your expenses this month and do spend it unnecessarily. You better get rid of old debts before making new ones, Scorpio.

June 2015 shows a good month for your health. You have more than enough strength and energy to achieve your goals. Proper nutrition, exercise, yoga and meditation help you to stay healthy and fit!

Saturn, the planet of karma, traveled through Scorpio from October 6, 2012 to December 23, 2014. During this period you were confronted with the dark side of yourself, in order to bring it into the light to heal. Once again, Saturn returns from June 16, 2015 until September 18, 2015 back in Scorpio. It gives you a last chance to clear old pain and to make further adjustments in the direction of the structure of your life in order to be your true self.