Sagittarius June 2015


Sagittarius in June 2015


June 2015 is a month where the focus is on relationships, careers and the outside world.

Love and Relationships

June 2015 is the month of love par excellence for Sagittarius! A wonderful month to fall in love or to fall in love again. A month full of dates, parties and events to attend to or to meet that special someone!

Family and Home

Your family and family are always important to you, but in the first three weeks of June 2015, there will be some struggles, creating unrest. Do not worry, even this blow over. You do your best with your natural charm to make everyone feel at home. Especially the children!


Your career is on track, but your train does not go fast enough for you, Sagittarius. You would love to move ahead and with the New Moon on June 16, 2015 you are unstoppable. However, be selective in choosing the right job or when you want to change jobs. Please note all the possibilities and prospects. The job should suit you like a glove! Also, be careful how you communicate a message this month. Especially with your boss and business partners. Be careful that you do not get overworked. 


June 2015 is a prosperous financial month. There will be more than enough revenue. You are able to make all the payments and pay off old loans. Do not forget those who are in desperate need your financial support. An investment proves out to be profitable.


Your health fluctuates somewhat this month. To stay healthy and fit you are required to take adequate relaxation, proper diet and rest in the first three weeks of June 2015. Do not worry about anything and everything. Avoid stress as much as possible. Do not confront others. Yoga is a good way to ease your restless mind.


Jupiter is your planet. From June 22, 2015, Jupiter in Leo makes a harmonious pact with Uranus in Aries. With this interplanetary pact you are encouraged to explore new spiritual paths. A spiritual study, book, meeting or trip will open up a brand new world for you, Sagittarius.