Leo June 2015


Leo June 2015


The June 2015 horoscope shows that financial matters and career demands your attention. The Full Moon is in Sagittarius on June 2, 2015 in your House of Love and Romance brings new love and allows your creative talents shine. The New Moon of June 16th, 2015 brings a new beginning in your career or a new goal. With the Summer Equinox of June 21, 2015, the time has come to shine like a diamond, Leo.

Love and Relationships

Time for adventure and action. A positive and exciting beginning of the month! The bachelor Leo gets the best chance of a thrilling encounter after the second week of June 2015. In a committed relationship or marriage there may be tensions. Make issues negotiable and don’t avoid a difficult conversation. With anger and bitterness you achieve the opposite of what you desire. And that is a loving and equal relationship! Love and attention can solve a lot of anger and tension. The Full Moon of June 2, 2015 shows a new beginning in your love life. A Gemini, Libra or Aquarius makes your heart sing, Leo.

Family and Home

June 2015 is no harmonic month for family and household. Conflicts between family relationships are on edge. But even then, count your blessings in your life. Everything and everyone you hold dear. You'll find that your list is longer than you might think yourself!


In June 2015, major changes are expected at work. Are you looking for a new job? June 2015 can offer you a new opportunity. Changes are promising. Perhaps you consider another course for your own business? That's possible this month.


June 2015 was a successful month for your finances. You see an upward trend and in the coming period, it only gets better. Social contacts play a key role in achieving financial goals. Read in your year horoscope of 2015 what to expect this year!


Your health improves in June 2015. Stay fit with a proper diet and exercise.


The focus is on your creative talents. The time has come to come out, to get into the limelight on your own stage! During this time of year you stand up for yourself. You do not want to be dependent on others and situations. You want to organize your life as you wish, and you let nothing and no one stop you! Now set your goals, Leo.