Gemini June 2015


Gemini June 2015

In the coming period, the focus is on your inner life. Consider domestic circumstances and the processing of emotional issues. The vast majority of the planets is located on the underside of the Gemini horoscope whereby the inner life is more important than the outside world. It should be a period of peace of quiet, coping, dealing and preparation, but your career demands a lot of your attention. For your career relationships are essential. Therefore, you have to find a balance, Gemini.

Love and Relationships
It may be so that your relationship with someone representing the water element, a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, is bothering you for a while. Perhaps there is jealousy and mutual recriminations. Don’t take it so hard. If you are looking for a new love, search in places where wisdom can be found. For instance a library, museum, school or a lecture. Gemini in a committed relationship should look forward to a month of harmony and love. At the end of this month you receive a message from someone from the past. Someone you would like to see again very much!

Family and Home
June 2015 is a month of harmony for family and home. The relationship with parents, siblings and children is going well and fills your heart with joy and happiness. It is even possible that you receive good news this month that has to do with a pregnancy or family planning. The magic moment of the Summer Equinox June 21, 2015 reinforces this positive energy!

Even though you need time for yourself, your career demands a lot of your attention. You have to look for balance between these two, Gemini. The Full Moon of June 2 in Sagittarius falls in your House of Work. Believing in yourself and your talent is so important. If you do not believe in yourself, nothing really happens. The Full Moon in Sagittarius provides a little push. Time for action. You can do it, Gemini!

June 2015 is a financial auspicious month. There will be more revenue and this improves your personal situation and not in the least your mood! Having no money have is no fun, but more money could cause trouble too, such as income tax. Therefore it is necessary to map your finances properly and adjust your financial plans. You may need to take another bookkeeper. Someone to look with a clear vision at your financial situation.

Your health fluctuates this month. Stress is and remains the biggest culprit. Health wise, the planets are not in your favor this month. You need to take care of yourself. Exercising is the key to a sense of wellbeing. Half an hour of exercise is enough to make yourself feel better. Yoga is a pretty amazing way to bring your ever worrying mind to rest.

The New Moon of June 16th is in your own sign Gemini. Time to count your many blessings, Gemini. June 2015 is asking you to stand up for yourself. And who does a better job than you? It's time to act and to adjust goals. Get rid of everything that gets in your way is on your unique path. No one but you know what your true desires and secrets are. No one but than you can reach for the stars!