Cancer June 2015


Cancer June 2015

The New Moon of June 16, 2015 falls in your House of Karma. Your inner experience is number one. You experience a period of spiritual inner growth. You count your blessings of everyone and everything you hold dear. The outside world is less important to you. In this period you have the most pronounced and intense dreams. The invisible world is visible and tangible for you. You know things before they occur. You think of someone and the phone rings or you're looking for information and you'll find just that particular book that provides the answer your question.

Love and Relationships
Intimacy, friendship and romance is everything for you this month, Cancer. Everyone in this world is unique and is here with a specific reason and special karmic mission. We all come from the same universal Source and are all part of the same cosmos. Things that happen to us are not accidental. Coincidence does not exist! Everything happens for a reason. Also this 'unexpected' meeting this month, Cancer.

Family and Home
The first week of June 2015 runs harmoniously. Venus, the planet of Family, is traveling through Cancer until June 5, 2015. Venus in Cancer is soft and conciliatory. Venus wants to make it easy, cozy and nice. However, when Venus enters the fire sign of Leo on June 6, 2015, problems occur in the family. There may be quarrels and angry words when desires are not met.

The Full Moon of June 2, 2015 falls in your House of Work. This Full Moon asks you if your career suits you. For your career, the first three weeks of June 2015 are especially suited to look back, evaluate, correct and set new goals for the coming year. The coming year? Astrologically speaking, your New Solar Year begins on 22 June 2015. The beginning of a new cycle. Your birthday should be seen as a springboard of confidence to make the leap to the future! From the second half of June 2015 you are entering a busy period. Competition encourages action, networks and contacts motivate you to make the best of it. Collaboration will be the key to success. Not everyone grants your success, so keep that in mind.

Jupiter in Leo is in your House of Finance. This favorable position allows you to find new ways to generate money or to devise economically smart plans. Even when you feel the pinch, there always seems to be sufficient money! The Sun is your planet of Money. Until June 21, 2015 the Sun continues in your House of Karma encouraging you to spend more money to charities and good causes. Take advantage of the fact that your financial intuition is currently flawlessly. With this understanding you have made a lot of sensible financial choices. On June 22, 2015, the Sun enters the House of Personality. That means the beginning of a prosperous period of financial opportunities. Money flows in without any effort, so it seems.

On June 21, 2015 the magic of Summer begins and from that moment on you burst with energy which improves your health. With your renewed energy you achieve anything if you go for it! During this time of year the Sun shines in your heart. It is now about you and what you want in this life. Now it's your turn.

Wear with the Sun in your sign of Cancer silver jewelry and white clothes to attract as many positive energy as you can! Charge your silver jewelry in the Light of the Full Moon of June 2, 2015. The transit of Mars through your sign from June 25, 2015 to August 8, 2015 gives you wings to fly! The energy of Mars gives you an energy boost to reach your goals. Take it to your advantage, Cancer.