Aries June 2015


Aries June 2015

In June 2015, the focus is on inner development, processing and preparation for busier times to come. The Full Moon of June 2 in Sagittarius falls Aries House of Philosophy, Spirituality and Faith. A perfect moment to choose for yourself. Believe in yourself! Believing in yourself is the foundation of happiness and prosperity in your life. Only you can open the door to a happy life! The collaborative power of Sagittarius and Gemini let you know: It's time for action!

Love and Relationships
Your love life promises a lot of fireworks this month, Aries. In June 2015 it is all about intimacy, friendship and romance. When you are in a close relationship, you maybe consider a marriage or pregnancy. The magic moment of the Summer Equinox of June 21 2015 brings Solar power and positive energy. If you are looking for a new love you might meet someone at a business meeting, party or event. Wherever people gather, love awaits you.

Family and Home
Home and Hearth ask a lot of your attention this month. The New Moon of June 16, 2015 happens in your House of siblings, uncles and aunts or neighbors and acquaintances. Count your blessings this month and show how much you love them.

Your career does not proceed the way or pace you want it to be or hoped for. Just concentrate yourself this month on your projects and do not let yourself be distracted by colleagues, your boss or business relationships. June 2015 is the month par excellence to solve a career related problem and to come to terms with yourself. Only when you do this, you have a good and solid foundation to come up with something new.

Finally, there is positive news regarding to your finances! This good news is brought by someone who represents the Earth element, a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. June 2015 is a month in which you can expect more money. Think of dividends, distributions of funds and the like. However, money does not appear out of the blue. You have to work hard to get what you deserve. Your spouse is a great help in the realization of financial projects.

This month, you are in good health. Good health can be stimulated by a proper diet and exercise. When the Sun enters the sign of Cancer on June 22 2015, the time has come to take it easy.

The Full Moon of June 2, 2015 brings things into motion. You feel that the tide is turning and it's going into the right direction.
However, it is advisable to connect with yourself too this month at yourself in order to build a strong foundation for yourself.