Aquarius June 2015


Aquarius June 2015

This month the focus is on your home, your family and the processing of emotions. Your career is at a low ebb. First put your house together, both at home and in your inner world. Communication and cooperation is the key to achieving your social goals. Do not expect too much, let yourself go with the flow of life and try to compensate.

Love and Relationships
On June 5 2015, Venus, the planet of Love is in the sign of Leo, your opposite sign! So, June 2015, is the month of love for Aquarius. The bachelor Aquarius finds true love at a party or over the Internet. Your marriage or committed relationship is full of love! A great month to be together and to spend some magical loving moments. The Full Moon is in Sagittarius on June 2, 2015 is in your House of Friendships. This Full Moon wants to say to you: Have confidence in yourself! If you don’t have confidence in yourself, you can not give confidence to beloved of friends or trust your beloved or friends.. Your beloved or friends notice this lack of trust. A good way to build some confidence and trust is to go on a camping adventure, Aquarius.

Family and Home
June 2015 shows a harmonious and loving picture! In your family reigns peace and harmony and everything runs smoothly. The relationship with father, mother and children is fine. Actually the entire month of June is all about children, having children, pregnancy, family and home, garden and kitchen stuff! Life goes a little too easy to your liking and that gives you an uneasy feeling. To reduce the pressure, it is good to have a walk in the woods or just do some gardening to clear your head.

If you're busy, you have stress. But when it's quiet, you have stress as well. As you may have noticed, this month shows but little movement in your career. However, you worry because it is so quiet. Consider this the calm before the storm, Aquarius. Use this period to prepare yourself and make plans for the future or to adjust plans. If you have your own business, consider expansion. What would your business need to prosper?

The first half of June 2015 is a bit difficult in a financial way, but in the second half of the month there will be improvement in your financial situation. You should really spend more time and energy to achieve your financial goals. Money does not grow on trees and you can not expect others to help out whenever you please. Beware of risky investments. It requires a lot of preparation and research! Please note that Mercury is retrograded in the first half of June 2015, but it will take a whole month before the negative impact of retrograde is gone. Don’t sign anything important this month.

Your health looks better compared to previous month. Take well care of yourself! A good diet and adequate exercise strengthens and makes energetic. As you know, body, soul and mind are connected. Nourish your body, mind and soul with books, meditation and spirituality.

The world changes, your life changes, you change as well. To cope with all these changes, it is necessary to invent new ways. Take advantage of this period of inner peace to prepare yourself for what is coming your way!