Virgo July 2015


Virgo July 2015


July 2015 is mainly about your ambitions. Your inner life, love life and family is less important, your outside world even more, Virgo. Mercury is the planet that is associated with Virgo. Mercury runs direct again since last month and that goes for you: full steam ahead! July 2015 is a very busy month. Take it to your advantage, but mind your health, Virgo.

Love and Relationships

You love life could be troublesome in July 2015, Virgo. Don’t raise high expectations from love or your partner. Don’t expect a promise or a declaration of love. Your marriage could be stress concerning children. The single Virgo gets bored this month of dating on the internet. The New Moon on July 16, 22015 opens the door of friendship. That is to say: Look at your friends and be honest. Which of your friends are actually true friends?

Family and Home

Relatives are helpful in supporting your career and social goals. The second half of July 2015 is ideally suited to free your home free from negativity. Get rid of everything in the house that you no longer need. At the end of the month you will notice that the energy will be so much lighter!


Your career blossoms in July 2015 completely. The Blue Moon of July 31, 2015 falls in your House of Work, so especially the end of this month shows a lot of activity! Mercury is your planet Career. As of July 24, 2015 Mercury enters in the fire sign Leo. From that moment on, it's your turn to shine in the workplace. Networking with friends and influential business contacts are inextricably linked with your social success in July 2015.


Your career is this month's biggest source of income in terms of salary and promotion. Besides your career, you may also count on the support of friends in new projects that generate money. Thanks to the favorable position of Mercury this month, you are extra resourceful in order to generate more money and wealth!


This month you have to deal with stress and as you know, stress is very bad for your health. Get plenty of rest and exercise. Also watch what your diet. Mind your sugar and cholesterol, Virgo.


This month you have to deal with a sense of self-doubt and less confidence. You wonder whether your path in this life is the right one. With the New Moon on July 16, 2015, an Aquarius, Libra or Gemini brings you good news. No more doubt about yourself. Confidence in yourself will be restored. It gives you the peace and security that you need.