Scorpio July 2015


Scorpio July 2015


In July 2014, the focus is on the career and goals. Your place in the outside world. July 2015 is a good month for love, money and health, but stay alert. Take it easy, this month.

Love and Relationships

July 2015 is a good month for love! If you are looking for a partner, broad your horizon! So it may just be the case that you fall in love during a trip abroad. You can fall in love with a single man or woman with one or more children. In a committed relationship love may flourish when you are on vacation. An exciting journey filled with fire and passion with unforgettable moments!

Family and Home

July 2015 is a quiet month for the family, home and family. Your interest is mainly in the outside world! The New Moon on July 16, 2015 is a good time to clean up the house. Remove all the old to make room for the new. July 2015 is a good month for a family vacation.


July 2015 is a real career month. One month of business meetings and official gatherings. Cooperation with colleagues and associates improve this month. This month you can expect a reward for the commitment you have shown in recent months. A reward in terms of a promotion. You may look forward to the support of family and friends in your career. Everyone supports you! As of July 23, 2015, legal affairs will be under discussion.


July 2015 is a good month for your finances. Your career is the biggest source of income. Be careful with risky investments in this period. You may look forward to a happy and prosperous period!


Make sure you have plenty rest and relaxation this month, Scorpio. At the end of July 2015 your health could be delicate. Ensure a proper and balanced diet. Do not start with a strict diet that only harms your health, especially this month.


It is important this month that you know how to find the balance between an independent institution and your social skills, Scorpio. Take it easy and do not take hasty decisions.