Sagittarius July 2015


Sagittarius July 2015


July 2015 is the month in which career and relationships are most important. However, family and domestic issues are the source of stress and anxiety.

Love and Relationships

This month, passionate love predominates, Sagittarius. The single Sagittarius enjoys an exciting and casual date. In a committed relationship there may be problems conceding compromising or commitment to each other. This month you have to make a difficult decision. The New Moon on July 16, 2015 encourages you to be candid in conversation. It will clear up an in-depth issue.

Family and Home

Your family is a great support in achieving your goals in July 2015. You need your family! This month there are problems related to the upbringing within your family and home. The New Moon on July 16, 2015 encourages you to wide open windows and doors. Get rid of the old out and welcome the new!


July 2015 offers great career opportunities if you are looking for a job with better prospects if you want to chart a different course. For that purpose, you prefer to connect with influential people. In the second half of July 2015 someone from your past crosses your path. Someone who is going to make you a fascinating proposal!


The Full Moon of July 2, 2015 happens in your House of Finance, causing July 2015 a financially prosperous month. You can expect revenue from unexpected sources! Think of a refund, tax restitution, alimony, payment of the insurance or other body or inheritance. The next period promises to be good, Sagittarius.


This month, you should pay more attention to your inner peace. Inward and outward are interconnected. A healthy diet, adequate rest and exercise help you to stay healthy, both internally and externally! July 2015 is an ideal month to make a decision to quit a bad habit.


Spiritual and philosophical literature are a real treat for your mind. The Blue Moon of July 31, 2015 makes you yearning for distant horizons. A good opportunity to go on a trip, Sagittarius!