Leo July 2015


Leo July 2015


On July 24, 2015, the Sun enters your own sign Leo and this means for you a month of warmth and happiness. July 2015 is the month par excellence to shine and be happy.

Love and Relationships

July 2015 will not be remembered as the most romantic month of 2015, Leo. It's like dancing on the tightrope. This month there are plenty of opportunities to resolve problems in your relationship, but it is also possible that a relationship will end. July 2015 is not a good month to take the big step. There are too many loose ends that have to do with children or pregnancy. These problems need to be solved first. The Blue Moon July 31, 2015 in the House of Relationships shows positive results of this.

Family and Home

In July 2015 you have to rely on your social skills in your family, family and domestic affairs. Not to mention maintain a flexible attitude! Children and the problems associated with parenting cause stress this month. Stay focused on the small jobs at home in order to complete them successfully.


The Full Moon of July 2, 2015 falls in your House of Work. Something involving your work comes to and end. Approach your career in a realistic way. It is what it is! Remain realistic and do not expect too much. Focus yourself on small projects. Postpone large projects until later this year. Perhaps a business trip or it’s possible that you have to travel for your work. An Aries, Leo or Sagittarius makes you a good business proposal. Give this a very good thought before rushing into a new adventure.


July 2015 poises to be a financially prosperous month. There will be more money coming in from sales and advertising. This month you can count on unexpected financial windfalls. Have a gamble in July 2015! This month, financial matters should be approached in an intuitive way. In other words, trust your gut instincts.


Your health is improving thanks to your positive energy! When the Sun enters Leo on July 24, 2015, your health gets even better. An energetic period indeed! You tend to worry. Meditation and chakra therapy helps you to achieve inner balance and inner peace.


Surround yourself in July 2015 with the warm colors of the Sun, especially from July 24. Orange, yellow and gold gives you even more positive solar energy! The New Moon on July 16, 2015 falls in your House of Karma and Release. You feel attracted to the spiritual world. Do not lose yourself in the spiritual world and do not rely blindly on all kinds of predictions. Rather get rid of all the negative energies around you. Clean up your house and don’t forget nooks and crannies!