Gemini, July 2015


Gemini, July 2015

In general, the focus in July 2015 is on your home, family and inner perception and dealing with. Your inner life and personal growth is more important than money or career! There is positive change in the air thanks to Mercury and Jupiter.

Love and Relationships
If you're looking for true love, you have to look for it this month, Gemini. Love won’t knock at your door just like that! The best opportunities are in the second half of July 2015 when Venus enters Virgo and thus your House of Love. In a committed relationship you finally find some peace and stability. However, it is advisable to take it easy and wait a little while with big plans.

Family and Home
The New Moon in Cancer on July 16, 2015 opens the door of your home! This New Moon wants to tell you: Open the doors and windows and get rid of everything in your house that is negative. What's the point of keeping stuff which causes you so much pain? Clean up your wardrobe! Cleaning up feels good. Revamp your home. Revamp yourself. You will be happy when you’re relieved of that burden.

In July 2015 you are feeling uncomfortable regarding your career. You feel that you're not in the right place or there is unrest in the company where you work or you're applying for jobs and chances are big that you change jobs. It is possible that you have to move for work. Take it easy and do not take hasty decisions. July 2015 is not the best month to change jobs or to open a new business or to start with a new project in your company.

Your financial outlook in July 2015 in one word amazing! There will be more money coming through your company or business purposes. You have enough money to buy nice things for yourself, your home and your family. There is enough money to repay loans. However, an investment does require good preparation. Do not just take the plunge together with someone just like that. Good preparation is half the battle!

You often have difficulty expressing emotions, but at this time it seems like you have no control over your emotions. Let feelings of anger, fear and sadness however, not dazzle you. Do not allow tension and stress prevail. Take your distance and look for distraction when it’s getting too much for you. An active walk or carrying on in the garden works miracles. Let the tension go, give it to Mother Earth.

In July 2015, most planets are on the left side of the Gemini horoscope. Be honest about what's going on inside. Do not bottle up that secret any longer. Bottling up means nothing but negative energy for you. Gather your courage and throw it out. You will see that you will be relieved at the end of the month. Plan something special on July 31, 2015, Gemini. Don’t allow this Blue Moon pass you by!