Cancer July 2015


Cancer July 2015


July 2015 provides you with the green light to go ahead with your plans. Believe in yourself and look at your options! With the Blue Moon July 31, 2015 in your House of Career, you may reap the sweet fruits of your commitment, Cancer. You reap recognition and appreciation for all your hard work. On your own resources and without any obstruction it is full steam ahead!

Love and Relationships

July 2015 starts promising with the Full Moon in your House of Relationships! The position of the retrograde Saturn in Scorpio shows that July 2015, is the month of love par excellence for Cancer! A solid relationship will grow even closer. Nothing in this world can separate you now you have solved the problems. You dare to share your feelings with your partner. The single Cancer is very busy this month dating via the Internet to find a new love. In the second half of July 2015 is the best opportunity for love!

Family and Home

July 2015 is a harmonious month for family and home. At home there is a good atmosphere and you find it nice to make it extra cozy. The New Moon on July 16, 2015 gives you the energy to rid your home of all negative energies! Out with the old. Welcome to the new! July 2015 is a good month to move or to furnish your nest! If you are planning to have a baby, July 2015 is a good month to let your wish come true.


The New Moon on July 16, 2015 in your own sign of Cancer is a good time to come out with a business plan and put the wheels in motion. You get the opportunity to show the world what you've got to give. A Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn brings you in contact with the right people and connect in networking. Now you have full attention you will naturally succeed in business or attract new or better job! It looks as though you have to travel for your work and business in July 2015. You are on the move! Expand your attention to the long term. Longterm planning is now more important than planning in the short term.


The financial prospects are prosperous this month, Cancer. During July 2015 it is getting better. You've learned from the last period and now you know how to handle money. You throw money around, but you spend it in a sensible way. This month you find new ways to improve your financial situation even more.


This month, there are no major concerns concerning your health. You are looking for new ways to improve your health through exercise or go to the gym. Now you get more inner peace, you are also more concerned with your appearance.


July 2015 is a great month to put your house on the market or to buy a house. To you, your family will always be number one! Your career and the outside world is less important. All is well, Cancer. Love, more money and prosperity, it is coming your way.