Aries July 2015


Aries July 2015


July 2015, a month which is dominated by domestic concerns. Your career comes in second place. As of July 23, 2015 things will change. The second half of July 2015 is much busier. The focus shifts to the social life. The retrograde planets actually indicate that it is time to go on a vacation, Aries.

Love and Relationships

The single Aries is dating this month via the Internet. You are looking for love and your quest will be rewarded! In a committed relationship passionate love blossoms and becomes ever closer. Above all you want to get married or have a baby! Friendships flourish on July 31, 2015 with the visit of the Blue Moon in the House of Friendships. This second Full Moon of July 2015 celebrates the love, deepens close friendships and may form new friendships.

Family and Home

In July 2015, there is much activity in and around the house. In your family are many developments. The New Moon on 16 July happens in your House of Family and Home and it is on good terms with Saturn! This means a solution regarding to your home. July 2015 is the month of choice to buy a new house, to sell your house or a removal. It is all about letting go of old energies around you! A month of cleaning up, maintenance and beautification. Converting a house, refurnish your home, your wardrobe, in short, your inner and outer world is changing, Aries.


Your career in July 2015 is not your focus, but that does not mean that nothing is happening in this area. The Full Moon of July 2, 2015 falls in your House of Career, linking your career with your personal life. A culmination or something comes to an end. There may be a change at work causing a necessary removal or you get a job so you have to move to another home. It does not appear that a new job will lead directly to more revenue. On the contrary. Learn to be satisfied with the job you have and the income it generates. In business you have to slow down a bit. You can’t have it all your own way, Aries.


In July 2015, there are more revenues because of your job or business venture. Relatives are helpful to make your financial dreams come true. Nevertheless watch your expenses this month. Thanks to good financial planning you keep control to overcome major obstacles. You have to monitor your expenditure, because the end of July 2015 shows unexpected expenses. In the last week of July 2015, a risky investment demands your full attention due to the effect of the Blue Moon on July 31, 2015.


Your good health depends in July 2015 largely on yourself. You worry and negative thoughts cause stress. As you know, stress is the biggest culprit of all. Positive thoughts have a major impact on your health! Until July 23, 2015 your heath is delicate. Especially in the first three weeks of July 2015 you need plenty of rest, fresh air and good nutrition. When the Sun enters the fire sign Leo, yon July 24, you automatically get more energy, Aries.


As of June 21, 2015 there has been a planetary shift. In the next six months, independence will change into cooperation. In the past six months you experienced a sort of personal preparation. Now the time has come to apply this. In the next six months the focus is on working together. You learn from other's mistakes. This period will be a learning process. About half a year are you strong enough when a new period of independence dawns for you.