Aquarius July 2015


Aquarius July 2015

In July 2015 you will find that the outside world is calling out for you. In this stable month your career becomes more important now that peace and stability is restored in your private life.

Love and Relationships
This month things are a bit strange in love and relationships, Aquarius. With Venus and Jupiter in your House of Relationships it seems as if all is well, but there's something going and you don’t know what it is.There are friends in your life who are struggling at this time. Your friends need your friendship and assistance. However, stay close to yourself and do not get caught up in their problems. Give all your attention to your partner. In a committed relationship you want to take the plunge.

Family and Home
It is all peace and quiet in your family and home, or so it seems. You do not have to worry about domestic problems and you can focus all your attention on your career and social goals. You come home to relax your busy mind. However, do not try to keep all things to yourself and in your head, but share your thoughts with your family. July 2015 is a wonderful month to have various breaks to easy your mind. Spend those breaks with your family, Aquarius.

Finally growth and activity has arrived in your career this month, Aquarius. In your job, there are improvements and in your own company sales show a cautious but upward trend. During July 2015 good opportunities come your way that are the basis for future success. However, it is advisable not to force anything this month and wait for developments. Adjust your plans and projects if needed. Prepare yourself for the times to come and take a day off when you feel like it. Do not get angry at your boss, colleague or your business partner. With the incorrect or insufficient information you alienate people. Don’t make enemies of friends for the sake of your career.

Financially, July 2015 is not a good month. It is advisable to ensure a sound financial plan keeping in mind the near future. Even though there seems to be no progress, you must never give up hope, Aquarius.

You have your health in your own hands! Think of everything you eat or drink: Not too much! Restrain yourself. Go to bed early and get plenty of rest in between moments. This month, your respiratory system could be delicate.

Collaboration is the key to success in July 2015, Aquarius. At this point you need others to achieve your goals! The New Moon on July 16, 2015 brings a solution to the dilemma at work and a decision follows.