Virgo January 2015


Virgo January 2015

January 2015 puts the emphasis on the recognition and discussion of domestic troubles and family issues. As a Virgo, you're always busy and also in January 2015. In the second half of this month, you will notice that not everything goes without saying. this month Your planet Mercury goes retrograde on January 21. You will have do things over again and things you need will be missing.

Love and Relationships
The first three weeks of January 2015 are not the best of weeks for Love. In a committed relationship, there may be problems. On January 4, 2015 Venus enters the sign of Aquarius and from that moment forward, you will often raise your eyebrows. You do not understand people, you will find them tacky or crazy! During this period you’d better not engage in a relationship or to take the next step in a committed relationship. As of January 21, 2015, the Sun enters your House of Relationships inside and from that moment there is more room for love. Maybe at work? Until that time you will find that love slips through your fingers or problems occur. It really is a month to solve problems. Adjusting yourself to situations and relationships may help to find openings in existing problems.

Family and Home
January 2015 shows turbulence for the family, family and home. Especially around January 14, 2015, there are problems within the family that primarily relate to children and the maintenance of peace and order in the house. These problems cause stress and as you know, stress is a major culprit to your health. Listen to your children. There may be things happening, for example at school, that affect their behavior. Focus this month on your house. Maybe you want to change something about the house. Perhaps to the decor, remodeling or maybe you want to fix something about the house.

January 2015 is the month for your career. Every beginning is difficult. The start of the year is not easy. There will be no progress in your career, but there are four planets this month in your House of daily Work! The Sun, Venus, Mars, and your own planet Mercury. The focus this month is on your work and whether it suits you. Your planet Mercury goes retrograde on January 21, 2015. This event allows you to think about the way you want to go and whether your goals are adequate. An event at work makes you realize that something is not quite right. From the second week of January 2015 you are annoyed by your colleagues for their carelessness and indifferent behavior. Perhaps the work that you do doesn’t fit you. Wait to make a decision until Mercury goes direct again in February 2015.

Not be much will be happening in the financial area in January 2015. A financially stable month. Certainly not a month to make risky investments or reckless expenditure.

Your health is rocking this month. The strong planet occupation in the House of Health shows that you are inspired to change your life in a positive way! January 2015 is an excellent month to stop bad habits that are detrimental to your health. 2015 is a good month to stop smoking, drinking or any other addiction. You will see that your mental and physical balance will be restored.

At the end of January 2015 it would be a good idea to take a break. Take things slow, there’s no need for speeding up when you don’t have to.