Scorpio January 2015


Scorpio January 2015

Take your time to think carefully about how you will tackle a difficult project or about the direction in your life and family, Scorpio. It may be so that you want to take a spontaneous decision now. Follow your intuition when you do.

Love and Relationships
January 2015 is dominated by Love! Especially the first three weeks of January 2015 are filled with loving announcements, togetherness, sweet nothings and passion. Your social life flourishes, too. New friends will come into your life.
As of January 28, 2015, Mars enters your House of Love. Then you have the courage sweep someone of her or his feet, to ask that important question or to make a big step forward. In the name of love, go for it, Scorpio!

Family and Home
The New Moon in Aquarius on January 20 is your House of Family and Home. Emotions run high in the family. You could be annoyed to the smallest things. It's like you can’t get along with your family. For the sake of your family, it is possible that you get the idea to move house or to adjust or to refurnish the house.

January 2015 starts very well with Jupiter in your House of Career. A month which will be filled with appointments, visits, seminars, conferences and business developments. As of January 28, 2015, Venus makes you think about the capitalization of a hobby or a business shift to recreation or entertainment. Take all the advice to heart before you take this important step.

Financially speaking, because of the influence of Saturn, January 2015 is stable month. Do not expect outliers or increasing revenues.

It would be wise if you would listen more to your body, Scorpio. You tend to force yourself and ignore signals. Unwise, Scorpio. Do not cross the edge, but ask yourself why these things happen. Everything has a reason and you should know, Scorpio.

Be careful when you have to travel this month.