Pisces January 2015


Pisces January 2015

January 2015 feels like a new beginning for you! On January 12, 2015, Mars enters your own sign, Pisces. Pisces gets this planetary tailwind every two years! With this energy you feel as if you can handle the world. You are optimistic and have a better self-image. You want to go for it! Mars gives you energy and that's a good thing. Otherwise, with so many planets in the twelfth house you’d only be walking with your head in the clouds!

Love and Relationships
Until January 3rd, 2015 Venus still resides in the House of Friendships and peers. Good days for love, friends, lovers and relationships in general. You make new contacts during group activities and social occasions. You meet new friends or have many happy hours with your friends that share the same ideas about the future. With this energy the trend is set for January 2015! The Full Moon in Cancer on January 5, 2015 is in the House of Love! A special meeting lights the fire of love. You are so proud of your conquest! A new friendship will develop in the course of the month. Around January 13, 2015 you consider a financial issue for a friend, common goal, group activity or group interest. Avoid to make a hasty decision. Mercury, your planet of Love, retrogrades from January 21st. You think about your lover and the feelings you cherish. Be aware, things are not that they seem tot be. As of January 28, 2015 Venus will stay in your own sign, Pisces. A spiritual dimension of love!.

Family and Home
The Full Moon in Cancer on January 5, 2015 focuses on children in your family and friends. With this influence you are loving to children, you want to hug them and having fun together! You could take a child under your care. Also, your inner child will be cherished. Your family will be turning to you, Pisces. You become more involved in discussions or will be asked for your opinion. A conversation in the first week of January 2015 with a family member is also of great importance for you. You have to deal with tensions within the family. Irritation of firm convictions or sincere but unsolicited advice. Maybe it's better to protect yourself and take time for yourself. In the last week of January 2015, take a decision with regard to family, home or property. Please follow your golden intuition.

The Full Moon in Cancer on January 5, 2015 makes you aware of all that has changed in the last month of your life regarding your work, values and revenues. Jupiter retrogrades and this influence makes you review your career and goals and the path you have walked for so far. Am I on the right track? Am I happy in my work? January 2015 is moreover a stable month for your career. Everything is going as usual. The only problem you have is trouble concentrating yourself. Ensure proper planning and do not allow yourself to take it easy. Career could be challenging sometimes this month. The atmosphere at work is good and collaboration with colleagues or partner will be smooth. Constructive arrangements are made to achieve common goals. Even your boss is satisfied with your performance. At the end of the month, things will slow down.

You are positive about your life, about yourself and your income. In any case, you have confidence in what is to come. In the first half of January 2015 you have to deal with unexpected financial developments! Mars, planet of your money, will enter your House of Personality on January 13, 2015. The second half of January 2015 will thus be colored by financial prosperity. In the third week of January 2015 Mars joins your planet Neptune in Pisces. This conjunction brings you flawless intuition in finance. Uranus in Aries will remain stationary in your House of Finance. Your income can often be the subject of change. There is plenty of money, but you tend to spend it easily. Watch out in the middle of January 2015. Also be careful with the signing of important financial papers. Be careful when you get financial advice, that advice turns out to be very expensive!

You feel that your life is changing. You think you are on top of the world, but you're only human. You experience a busy period in your life. It is good to find inner peace and recovery. Stress is the main culprit thanks to Saturn. You may have troubles with your back, bones, and skin. A good massage does miracles and makes you feel one again. Be kind to yourself and nurture yourself. At the end of January 2015 it's good to just take a timeout. Things will get very busy. Dreams are predictive and show you the right direction. Write it all down, Pisces.

Your own ruling planet Neptune travels since April 2011 through your sign, Pisces. Until January 2026 there is an inner growth making you aware of who you are and of your capabilities, but also of your inadequacy. As of January 21, 2015, Mercury retrogrades and then you are quieter, more sensitive. Perhaps you’d better spend some time by yourself then, Pisces.