Capricorn January 2015


Capricorn January 2015

January 2015 is the month of change, Capricorn! With so many planets in Aquarius, January 2015 is the ideal month to break with the old and familiar. The month of choice to embark on a new course.

Love and Relationships
As Venus travels through your sign, you're on your very best and in love with life itself. Venus travels from December 11, 2014 through Capricorn and will remain there until January 3, 2015. Therefore, January 2015 begins with a seductive and loving energy!
The Full Moon in Cancer on January 5, 2015 happens in your House of Relationships. This Full Moon asks of you to make a decision about the relationships in your life. Take the next step if there is true love. Be honest. If there is no love (anymore), tell the truth.

Family and Home
Pay attention to interaction and clear communication in the family and close family members to avoid misunderstandings! Don’t bottle up unspoken thoughts, but ventilate them before it gets out of hand.

January 2015 is a month full of potential opportunities, but also challenges. Professionally, the beginning of the year is the most promising time with the Sun in your own sign!
The first half of January 2015 is the most successful. As of January 21, 2015 you have to steer developments. Remember that you are at the helm of your own ship, Capricorn. You determine the right course!

January 2015 is a financially successful and prosperous month. However, do not spend money unwise! Get a good financial plan and listen to that advice! If you do this, then you will be happy at the end of January 2015.
You will see, an unexpected setback at the end of the month is not really bad at all.

This month you're in good shape. The Sun travels to January 20, 2015 through your own character and this solar power provides energy in your life.
As you know, the Sun will connect to Pluto this month. Radical changes take place in your life and that cause stress. Take care of yourself, Capricorn.

January 2015 is an appropriate time to go traveling or a short break.