Cancer January 2015


Cancer January 2015

January 2015 puts the emphasis on your home, family and career. On January 4, 2015 the Full Moon is in your own sign, Cancer. The first Full Moon of 2015 asks you to make a decision. You may have good intentions, but this is it! Let go of that nasty habit, let go of that negative situation. Time to start a new project!

Love and Relationships
In the first half of January 2015, there is a huge cast of planets in your House of Relationships. During this time your attention is focused on love, marriage, relationships, associates or other commitments. During this period you need to love and be loved. This energy in the House of Relationships motivates you to fulfill your obligations and responsibilities in your relationship or wants you to make a firm commitment. But wait until later this year to pop the question. The second half of January 2015 will get a different meaning. As of 21 January, you are less motivated to fight for your relationship.

Family and Home
Domestic affairs and business worries ask for your attention in January 2015. More than once you will have to strike a balance between these two important areas in your life. Please note that there are many emotional developments in your home and family this month.

In the first half of January 2015, the focus is on responsibility in cooperation, partnerships and agreements. These are commitments in which, depending on your own situation, you work for others work or work with others. Responsibilities are shifted in the second half of January 2015. You will delegate responsibilities or leave things to someone who is qualified. Business contacts are important to implement your plans. Collaboration is required! No opposition, but cooperation! January 2015 is a good month to start something new in the business area. A good month to complete existing projects.

As of January 6, 2015 Mercury travels through your House of Shared Finances from partner, family and others. Be careful with your spending. Try to repay your debts first. As of January 21, 2015, Mercury retrogrades and this influence could be disadvantageous. A payment is not done and bills are piling up. You're not happy with how things are going financially. You feel dependent. Your financial situation is not stable in January 2015. Buy and invest only if you can afford it and have a safe buffer for more difficult times. Actually you do not need much money to be happy, Cancer.

Your health is generally good, but in January 2015 you are under pressure and you have to cope with stress and problems at home and at work. To keep yourself healthy it is advisable to withdraw yourself every now and then and find relaxation in nature.

January 2015 has an auspicious start. The course of the second half of January 2015 is a bit slow and you feel like you are standing on your own.