Aquarius January 2015


Aquarius January 2015

In January 2015, Aquarius will be visited by no less than three planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Sun! The New Moon on January 20, 2015 is also in Aquarius. What does this all mean for you? You go through a period of big changes. But this month feels like a new beginning for you. A new way of self-expression, a new look, a new you. Both inner and outer changes.

Love and Relationships
In the first half of January 2015, you are committed and full of desire in your relationship. You are enthusiastic in relation to colleagues and associates. But that positive feeling can turn into the second half of January 2015. Commitment can turn into frustration, enthusiasm can turn into anger. That's because Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius on January 21, 2015. Fortunately, you know how to convert that annoying feeling into positive energy again.

Family and Home
In January 2015, family and home play an important role, Aquarius. In the first half of the month, a close family member asks to help you. You want to help, but there is a price attached to this. In the second half of January 2015, there is time to relax and to do spend a good time together.

In the first three weeks of January 2015, do not expect progress in your career. Progress is slow and it seems like things have come to a standstill. The first week of January 2015 is appropriate to sign a business contract or to make changes in a new company. Consider this period as the calm before the storm, the germinating seed that will soon come to fruition. From January 21 2015, your Sun enters your House of Personality. A new cycle begins for you in your life and career. Unfortunately, at the same time, Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius slows down things. In summary, January 2015 is a month to reconsider, adjusting and preparing for times to come.

The first few weeks of January 2015 look very good. In the first week of January 2015, you see the results of earlier investments. Especially the first week of January 2015 is appropriate to make an investment or to make a purchase that was already planned. The second half of January 2015 is financially not so good. Social meetings could lead to increase of your income. Saturn in Sagittarius asks you to cut and put money aside to cover any potential losses.

The Full Moon in Cancer on January 5, 2015, is in your House of Health. The Full Moon asks you to stop an annoying addiction. You know very well what the Full Moon means by that. At the end of January 2015, the stress of the past period could be the reason that you get the flu or catch a cold.

Sometimes your words or behavior are offensive to others. Please make a change and try to be less critical. A diplomatic attitude makes a world of difference! Do not make too many plans this month. January 2015 may be seen as a month of preparing, adjusting and improving.