Virgo February 2015


Virgo February 2015

Venus, the planet of the money and properties, shall enter your House of Transformation on 21 February 2015. A period of spiritual cleansing! Release what you no longer need in this life.

Love and Relationships
The first half of February 2015 is a period in which love and your social life reigns. Especially in the first week of February 2015 there are dates, parties, get togethers and romantic encounters! Let yourself be carried away on this cosmic wave of love. In a fixed relationship love will thrive. Venus and Mars have united in your House of Relationships and that indicates deep passion! If you are angry at each other, talk about it in a sensible way.

Family and Home
In the first half of February 2015 you are thankful for what you have. You will find that especially the children in your family or in the family are restless. Attention is what they need and what they require of you. Not in the least your own inner child, Virgo. The second half of February 2015 is much better. A harmonious connection between Saturn and Venus provides the helping hand you need to settle a feud. You feel so responsible for the daily hubbub in your family that you forget to enjoy. It is important that you listen and celebrate life! With an open mind you will find that the solution is obvious. Maybe a little break as a family?

In the first half of February 2015 Mercury is retrograde. At work you have to deal with computer problems and that things which are lost. In the second half of February 2015 a planetary shift takes place to the upper half of the Virgo horoscope. In the next six months your focus is more outward-looking. The last six months was meant to be a preparation for a busy social period to come. During that period, your focus was on emotional processing and family matters. When Mercury goes direct again on February 11, 2015 there will be more clarity about your career. Mercury in Aquarius in your House of Work this month, giving you the opportunity to put your best foot forward. Of course, this opportunity comes with many challenges and obstacles that are not always easy to deal with.

The planet of money, Venus, is in Pisces until February 20, 2015. Venus in Pisces feels like a fish in the water and that's good financial news for you! There will be more income and also your intuition concerning financial affairs is flawlessly. Money is flowing towards and that has to do with the intervention of others such as business clients, your spouse, the business partner or your loved one. It is important that you do not lose sight of the pecuniary interests of others. Your social skills are often the key to success. After February 21, 2015 it is advisable to economize. With Venus and Mars in Aries you tend to exceed your financial limits. Be careful with credit cards and loans. Better yet, pay your debts. Cut your credit card in half and pay with cash. This is also much cheaper too!

In the first half of February 2015 you have no complains about your health. The New Moon in Aquarius of February 18, 2015 happens into your House of Work and Health. The New Moon shows you how important good food is and to exercise regularly to stay healthy. Also your children or children in your environment are extra susceptible to get ill. Have a start with this New Moon with your good intentions for 2015 nonetheless! After February 19, 2015 you get to do with reduced resistance and less energy. Old pains could emerge. Make sure you take plenty of rest.

The harmonious connection between Saturn and Venus in the last week of February 2015 lead to a positive conclusion of the month. Talk about your problems with your partner. Make a compromise, Virgo.