Taurus February 2015


Taurus February 2015

The planets are kind to you in February 2015, Taurus! Until February 20, 2015, the focus is largely on your career, family and social contacts.

Love and Relationships
Until February 20, 2015 your planet Venus swims along with Mars through the dreamy moonlit waters of Pisces. Mars and Venus have found each other in your House of Friendships. With this energy is quite possible that you see a friend or girlfriend with different eyes! Venus and Mars remain very close this month and starting from February 21, they will dance a fiery tango in Aries! This tango will be shared in your House of secrets. Aries makes impatient. You are very fond of someone, but due to circumstances you can’t have that person. It is destined to be a secret love. This breaks your heart! However, don’t force anything, Taurus. In a committed relationship you are experiencing a kind of distance. This period is but temporary. In the upcoming Spring will be all right, so please be patient and give each other some space.

Family and Home
For a while, you have to deal with unexpected twists in your family that cause unrest. Unrest and changes are, however, the last thing you need. The importance of your family comes first. Be aware of this at any conclusion you draw or any decision you make. Your decision is a reflection of your fixed beliefs. For your family you are a tower of strength, but often that tower becomes an impregnable fortress. You're tempted to straightforward thinking and acting in accordance with, especially if you are angry. Your word is law! However, your actions and reactions could lead to discontent in the family and the family. From February 19 2015 the Sun will accompany your planet Venus in Pisces and then you will be guided by emotions.

It is recommended not to make major business decisions or put a signature under a business contract until February 10, 2015. Mercury retrogrades from January 21, 2015 which inhibits energy, also from an economic point of view. From February 11, 2015 Mercury continues its path through your House of Career. The time has come to go ahead. To start with something new, the launch of a new idea or your company in the spotlights, it is up to you. However, good planning is essential in order to be successful. If you work for a boss, this is the time to do your best. You are being watched. Your efforts will be rewarded with more responsibilities. These new tasks are a stepping stone on the career ladder. February 2015 is a good month to make progress in your career!

Mercury retrogrades from January 21 until February 10 2015 and that energy causes for financial delays, deferred payments and disappointing quotes. An error could be made at the bank. In everything you do: pay attention! Check everything twice if you make a transfer and the financial terms of a purchase. Until February 10, 2015 you'd better make no major purchases or investments or make an important economic decision. Create a good financial planning. After February 11, 2015 you are ready to put your plans into action. Your professional success leads to more revenue! Venus is the planet of money. Venus enters Aries on February 21 2015 and thus your House of Secrets and all that’s Hidden. Venus encourages you to spend money in a rash way. You could buy stuff to impress others. Or perhaps you buy something for a secret love. It could be something that you actually can't afford.

In February 2015 your health is good. Especially after February 19, 2015 when the Sun enters Pisces and your planet Venus dances in Aries! The only problem you have is that you worry too much about. What’s the use of worrying? It only makes you restless and frightened. Try to meditate every now and then to get yourself in balance.

Be hesitant this month with your expenditure pattern, Taurus. Safety first is your motto, but now you need to protect yourself!