Scorpio February 2015

Scorpio February 2015

Since the end of December 2014, Saturn has left your sign and you will have noticed by now that things settle down around you. From February 19, 2015 time has come for a cosmic holiday!

Love and Relationships
February 2015 loves love! In the first week of February 2015 Venus swims with Mars and King Neptune in the dreamy moonlit waters of Pisces. Supported by her beloved Mars, Venus feels like a fish in the water. So sensitive and sensual as Venus and Mars are in Pisces, so sensual and sensitive are you in the fist half of February! It makes you more attractive and loving. The free Scorpio finds his or her love at work, a party or creative, sporting or musical occasion. Romantic dates and fireworks, it is in the air! You are, however, inclined to idealize the other person. All you desire is love no matter the person you are interested in is not quite right or too good to be true. In a fixed relationship the love light burns. Please note that your lover is super sensitive just like you and may react accordingly.

Family and Home
The first week of February 2015 is ideally suited for doing chores. Your family is extra important in February 2015. On February 19, 2015 the Sun enters your House of Love, Creativity and Children. A beautiful period to have fun with your children or children in your family. This includes your inner child as well! In the last week of February 2015 a child in you area gets a good chance to make a step forward. 

February 2015 is not the month to take a big decision about your career. Maybe you have thought about the work that you do and if it still suits you. Venus and Mars show you that your work place could be an exciting place and a source of possibilities. For now, remain where you are and have a good look around you, Scorpio.

February 2015 is not a month to expect major shifts. It is a month to make ends meet. There will be enough earnings, but expenditures too. On February 23, 2015 the Sun is in a challenging square with Saturn in your House of Finance. From that moment on, you have to keep a tight fist around your wallet. Jupiter is your planet of finances. Jupiter retrogrades in your House of Career. This means that income depend on the work you do and how hard you work. Better not plan a large expenditure or investment. What you need right now is a clear financial statement about your situation. When Jupiter will be direct again in the spring of 2015, continue with your plans. After February 21, 2015 you'll see a slight improvement in your financial situation.

Heartbreak or problems in the private atmosphere of recent times effected your physical health. Your health fluctuates in the first half of February 2015. Pay attention to your feet, kidneys and hips. In the second half of February 2015 your health will improve, but the kidneys need attention. Drink plenty of water. A purifying diet might be a good idea.

The second half of February 2015 is especially suitable to get out in the open.