Pisces February 2015


Pisces February 2015

In the course of this month an important planetary shift takes place. On 19 February 2015 the Sun in Pisces shifts to the lower part of the Pisces horoscope. Symbolically the night falls on you, a sort of hibernation. A period of rest and preparation. The past six months were marked by outer world. Now the time has come for your inner world. Time to regenerate. This month is the beginning of your symbolic rebirth, a period of rebuilding inner strength.

Love and Relationships
On 2 February 2015 Venus, the planet of love, merges with King Neptune in the dreamy moonlit waters of your own sign, Pisces. Perhaps you might want to merge with the man or woman of your dreams. Trust your instincts. Each encounter you have has a spiritual and loving meaning. Mercury is your planet of love. Mercury retrogrades until February 10. This energy gives you the self-confidence to say what's on your heart. The presence of the Sun and Mars in your House of Personality strengthens your sensual appeal. Neptune in Pisces brings out the best of you, your natural beauty. Show the world how beautiful you are. Mercury in your House of Spirituality awakes romance! This month you maybe interested in spiritual lectures, a retreat, sea and water on and spiritual exchanges. In any case in a spiritual environment you might meet someone special.

Family and Home
Prepare for Fireworks in the second half of February 2015. On February 19, 2015 Venus and Mars will enter fiery Mars. You will be confronted with challenges and opposition within the family. You will have to defend your views on an idea or person and it won’t come without a fight.

On February 3, 2015, there is a Full Moon in Leo! This Full Moon shines along with Jupiter in your House of Work. This is very promising. If you are looking for a job, pay attention especially at the period from February 19, 2015. You don’t need to look for work, Pisces. Actually, new opportunities are coming your way! The cooperation of Uranus in Aries and the Lunar node in Libra denotes a new job with an attractive salary!

In the first half of February 201 the Sun, Mars and Venus will visit King Neptune, the Lord of Pisces. Be careful with your expenses this month. With these planetary energy you tend to spend more money than you can afford. You have an inexplicable urge to spend money. Don't give in to this impulse and don't get persuaded into a loan. Thursday February 19, 2015 is a good day to sign important papers that include the start of something new. Such as a house, a car or business agreement. Don’t lose yourself in the nightlife, better lose yourself in a beautiful book.

On February 19, 2015 the Sun enters Pisces. On the threshold of the House of Personality this means a new year for all Pisces! The time has come to pay attention to yourself. The Sun is also your planet of health. The health theme is prominent. Up and about February 20, 2015 you could catch a cold. Despite the mitigating influence of Saturn, you generally have a good health and enough energy to do the things you want to do. Don't overdo it and get plenty of rest. Be kind to yourself, Pisces.

February 2015 starts promising! On February 19, 2015 the Sun enters your own sign Pisces. The most happy time of year begins, because your birthday is coming up! You have faced a lot of challenges in the financial and professional are and now it’s your turn. You don’t really care about the material, love is what is important to you. You are in love with life! You'd really like to leave everything behind to do something new, but it's better to wait a while.