Libra February 2015

Libra February 2015

February 2015 is generally a prosperous and happy month!

Love and Relationships
The Full Moon in Leo of 3 February 2015 shines her light into your House of Friendships and Social Involvement.With this Full Moon you would be the radiant center of attention, you might think. However, you have to be cautious with what you say and how you say it! The second half of February 2015 looks promising. On 21 February 2015, Venus enters your House of Relationships. Her presence strengthens dedication and personal involvement and according to this, your popularity. You are there for the other, for your loved one and for your friends. Under the guidance of the Moon in Aries, Venus and Mars will enter your House of Relationships on February 21. Mars and Venus are on their honeymoon! Together they are an unbeatable duo. So are you and you are more assertive. You are known for your good manners, but now you say exactly what is on your mind! If there is someone you are thinking about, you could conquer the heart of this person, especially from 21 to February 23! But as you probably know, Uranus resides in your House of Relationships. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected twists and turns. Uranus can cause trouble. A budding love could be put to the test.

Family and Home
Children are important this month. Listen carefully to what they want to say to you. The New Moon in Aquarius of February 18 2015 happens in your House of Love and Children. The New Moon is asking you to make a fresh start in case of problems with children in the family occurred. The New Moon asks you to strengthen ties with family members who are alienated in some way. The bond of family is unbreakable by universal and uniting love. In the last week of February 2015 you love to be at home decorating your interior.

In the first week of February 2015 you may have to deal with loads of work and computer problems. February 2015 is the month of choice to start something new. Think of a new project, business and adventure or the launch of a new product. Most of the planets are waiting to enter the upper part of the Libra horoscope. The time has come to enter the world! From February 19, 2015 the best period begins to start with something new. From that point on favorable times begin if you are looking for a job, Libra.

Your financial situation has improved with Saturn in Sagittarius! Since January 2015 Saturn no longer resides in your House of Finance and that means the end of most of your suffering. In the second half of February 2015 financial opportunities improve so that you are able to save some money or have some fun.

Your health has improved providing you with more energy. With this dose of energy you are able to finally get things done where you previously had no energy for.

From February 19, 2015, it is recommended to do those pesky chores that you have delayed for so long. Things like accounting, filing paperwork, do payments and a back up of your computer files.