Leo February 2015


Leo February 2015

The Full Moon of February 3, 2015 is your own sign, Leo! This Full Moon allows you to radiate the way you are! Look at yourself in the mirror and be honest. Loving yourself is to take care of yourself. It is the only path to self-esteem.

Love and Relationships
Every year you will experience a period when love and your social life reign. The Sun reigns over Leo and in this period of the year the Sun is in your House of relationships. That period lasts from January 21 to February 18. Your sensual appeal is stronger and you will notice that. At the beginning of the month you will have exciting moments and also in the course of the month there will be thrills and spills. Saturn, however, keeps an eye on you so things do not get out of hand. The New Moon in Aquarius of February 18, 2015 is also in your House of Relationships, Leo. The New Moon urges you to have a look at your partner and relationships. Your partner is your mirror! If you look in a different way to your other half, you look with a different eye to yourself. The time has come to show who you really are.

Family and Home
In the first week of February 2015 you could be faced with obstacles in the field of communication within the family. It's something you can't understand, because you are not to blame. There are altercations. In the second half of February 2015 there will be more relaxation in a current situation.

At the beginning of February 2015 you can count on a token of appreciation at work. If you are still at school, starting from February 11, 2015 everything will improve. Your ability to concentrate is much stronger. After February 19, 2015 you are able to focus on your studies. Also after February 19, 2015 doors will open for study and education. From February 19, 2015 here may be challenges at work or it is impossible for you to perform. Saturn in the fellow fire sign Sagittarius, however, will come to your rescue. An important decision lead to triumph. He who laughs last, laughs best, Leo.

When Mercury will run direct on February 11, 2015 clarity will occur in your financial situation. Revenues come from third parties such as your spouse, partner or loved one, online selling, internet and social contacts. In February and March 2015 you are focused on the financial interests of the other. There is a shift from February 19, 2015. Both Venus and Mars will join Uranus in Aries until the end of February 2015. Venus is the planet of money. Mars put things in motion. In the fire sign Aries, Venus encourages Mars to do some unnecessary expenditure. Beware, Leo. Uranus can cause for unpleasant surprises. It is much wiser to invest your money in education and your new job!

To February 18. 2015 you should watch your health. After that, you will see an improvement. Also your confidence grows, but that could be harmful. Sometimes it's better to stop roaring. It's good to be the King of Animals, as long as you listen to your citizens now and then,

Until February 10, 2015 Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius. Until then be reluctant with major decisions or with a purchase or investment. Do not be tempted, but get some good advice first!