Gemini February 2015


Gemini February 2015

From February 19, 2015 a major planetary shift takes place. In the next six months the focus lies on independence. Many times you came in in second place, but now your time has come to do have your way. You are responsible for your own happiness! It's time to clean up the act. From February 11, 2015 your planet Mercury will be direct again. This direct Mercury will gain momentum in your life, Gemini.

Love and Relationships
Jupiter is your planet of love. Jupiter retrogrades in Leo and this means that love is not number one in your life right now. You try to show your feelings and share warmth, but it isn’t easy for you. Until the beginning of april 2015 your beloved is on your mind and what you need in a committed relationship or marriage. Perhaps you find yourself in a rut or there may be dissatisfaction with the relationship. What does it take to make your existing relationship flourish? The single Gemini thinks about who is best suited and qualities that person should have. The Full Moon in Leo of February 3, 2015 happens in your House of Communication. During this period you’d better make no important decision. The second half of February 2015 the focus is on friendships and your social life. A new friendship will be meaningful to your life.

Family and Home
It is possible that you are busy with the purchase or sale of a home or you orientate on the housing market. The last week of February 2015 is suitable for an important decision with regard to your house or start with a renovation. The Full Moon in Leo of February 3, 2015 happens in your House of Communication. Tempers may run high in the family, between siblings, neighbors or acquaintances. Sometimes a quarrel is needed to clean up their act. That feud might just be what you needed to put everything back in perspective.

On February 19 2015, the Sun in Pisces enters your House of Career. From that moment on there will be momentum in your career or wherever you're dealing with. Progress, however, brings challenges. Make sure that you are on good terms with your boss. Show who you are and what you've got. You get to do with problems on the career ladder, but you have the power and energy to climb higher. Your private life becomes less important and attention is shifted to your career.

February 2015 is an interesting month for your finances. The best period to make a profit is in the first week of February 2015 and from February 19, 2015. However, you have to work for it. If you buckle down to it, your commitment will be rewarded. Pluto in Capricorn is in your House of Shared finances. The connection with Venus, the planet of money, invites to make an investment.

From February 19, 2015, you have to watch your health. From that moment on, your energy can decrease. Sometimes you ask too much of yourself and push your limits to prove yourself. Prove yourself that you care about yourself for a change! Get plenty of rest and relaxation. In your environment, you have to deal with a hospitalization of a parent or maybe your boss.

On February 20, 2015 Venus in Aries enters your House of Friendships and Social involvement. The cooperation of the Moon, Venus and Mars offers you a situation in which you is able to steal the show. Someone has put one’s foot in it, has forgotten something important due to circumstance or broke a promise. You are being widely praised, but don't brag about yourself. Wait a little, because times are changing. Soon it will be your turn.