Capricorn February 2015


Capricorn February 2015

February 2015 is the month to feed your mind and soul! You may feed your physical body with loving care and healthy food, but your mental body needs attention, too! Refresh your mind with good books and information.

Love and relationships
Love does not play a major part this month. The first half of February 2015 will pass without much excitement. However, there is something in the air. You will notice this by the growing of your appeal. Mars and Venus are close together this month. In the first half of the month, they swim together in the dreamy moonlit waters of Pisces. From February 21, they will dance a fiery tango in Aries. There will be room for relaxation and coziness at home. Cook a nice meal for your loved one and enjoy a romantic movie!

Family and home
At home may be trouble this month. Especially children challenge you in February 2015 and put you on the test. Let them know clearly that they have to adhere to your house rules. Let them know when you find their behavior unacceptable. Give them compliments, however, when they are earned! Perhaps it's a good idea to spend some time at sea with your family to relax.

In the first week of February 2015 things are a bit though work, because of increased work pressure and opposition from colleagues. After February 11, 2015 you will find things will get better. The second half of the month run smoother. In business, it is the best period either to start something new. The Capricorn working in sales or the advertising world is most successful this month, but also students benefit from this cosmic energy. Only you work hard, you will earn success!

Watch your expenses this month. Venus is the planet of money. This month Venus is accompanied by fiery Mars. This energy urges you to spend money and that may adversely affect your bank balance. Maybe it's a good idea not to go shopping on your own, but take someone critical along with you. The Sun in Aquarius travels from January 21 to February 18 2015 through your House of Finance. Money and possessions play a major part during this period. The Sun will ask you: Are you aware of your income and expenses? Do you know at all what is on your account? Wealth is not related to income, but what you really possess. What is property to you? You maybe stuck to things that add nothing to your life. Make sure you get rid of old debts. Make your life easier. A good period to attract investors or to invest, especially in real estate and land.

Your health and energy level are fine this month. Give attention to your feet, ankles and lower legs. A regular massage works wonders, Capricorn.

The second half of February 2015 is generally more prosperous for love and work!