Cancer February 2015


Cancer February 2015

Money is the most important issue in February 2015. The New Moon in Aquarius of February 18 2015 encourages you to have a look at your finances and expenditures. Maybe you need some help and good advice. In this case advice is not expensive.

Love and Relationships
Venus in Pisces plays the leading part this month. In the water sign Pisces, Venus is extra sensitive. Therefore, Cancer is extra sensitive and involved. Not only you show commitment to your loved one, but also to your family and friends. You want to take care of them and mothering over everything and anyone who asks for your help. Like no other do you know how to help others by listening and offer a protective shoulder. In the last week of February 2015 you receive a visit from an old friend or you visit an old friend or someone older than you. This visit will do you good.

Family and Home
The second half of February 2015 is the most prosperous period for your family and home. You love to be home and with your family to do fun things. This also has to do with your financial position! In the last week of February 2015 someone from your immediate living environment may ask for your help.

In the first week of February 2015 you are able to finish ongoing projects in a successful way. In the second half of February 2015, Venus and Mars join Uranus in your House of Career. This energy stimulates your to follow your dream and to liberate yourself! Time to be your own boss. It could also be the case that you want more responsibilities or play a different role within the company in which you are working. It may be that you want a raise for your efforts and good plans.

On February 19, 2015 the Sun in Pisces enters the spiritual Home of Jupiter. From a financial point of view, this is truly a prosperous position, especially during the last week of February 2015. The Water sign of Pisces is very intuitive. If you are unsure about a financial matter it is good to rely on your intuition, dreams and ideas. Answers come from the spiritual world. It is of utmost importance to get sound financial information. Your income is 'accidental' than a fixed especially if you are working in the spiritual world. The universe provides what you need. Setbacks are temporary. After February 19 2015, finances improve and that has to do with joint income from your spouse, loved one or business partner. Good period for a loan, complete tax debts, to do business or make an investment. Be careful with whom you do business. Jupiter in Leo is in your House of Finances. If there is enough money, you tend to spend too much. This position will teach you to find the right balance between income and expenditure.

In the first half of February 2015 your health fluctuates. After February 19 2015, your health and energy improves when the Sun enters Pisces.

This month you have to deal with procrastination and problems along the way as you travel. Think about what you really need in life. Keep what you really need and get rid of the unnecessary possessions by selling or giving. The universe is giving you more than you can store.