Aries February 2015


Aries February 2015

February 2015 is a good month for love and money! Venus, the planet of love and money is in her element in Pisces in the first three weeks of February 2015. Leave it all to Venus. Love and money will find its way to you, Aries.

Love and Relationships
The Full Moon in Leo of February 3, 2015 happens in your House of Love and Romance! An admirer may turn your head! If you are looking for true love there is nothing to worry about. But it's better to keep a cool head if you are in a relationship, Aries. Venus swims until February 20 2015 the mysterious waters of Pisces. Until then you have to deal with a love from a distance, forbidden love or secret love dating. In the first three weeks of February 2015, love has an idealistic and a deeper spiritual meaning. On February 2, 2015 Venus merges with Neptune in Pisces. On that day you could meet an exciting person on a social occasion with a spiritual and creative touch, such as a yoga school, art class, spiritual meditation meeting, fair or charity event. A meeting may also take place during a walk on the beach, at or on the water!
In the last week of February 2015 Venus dances closely with to your planet Mars in Aries. Both are inseparable! Romance reigns and even gets an exciting twist. If someone has stolen your heart, you can no longer keep it a secret.

Family and Home
Because of Venus and Mars, there could be quarrels within the family this month. Your loved one and family members are more sensitive than usual, so be careful what you say and especially how you say it. Even the most insignificant things could lead to discord and angry reactions. Be quiet, honest and clear.

Until February 20, 2015 your career runs smooth. The only problem this month is that your interests are not in line with your career or with those who are intertwined in your career. It feels as if they won’t to listen to you or understand you. Try to adjust a little. On February 21, 2015 your planet Mars enters Aries. Mars is at home in his own sign! Until March 31, 2015 nothing stands in your way to reach your goals!

Venus is the planet of love, money and possessions. At the beginning of February 2015 Venus swims with King Neptune the infinite moonlit waters of Pisces. If there are financial questions or doubts, the answer comes from the spiritual world. Dreams are predictive. Venus enters your own sign on February 21, 2015. During this period give in to your intuition, including financial matters. Until March 17, 2015 you will feel Venus’ beneficent influence! The good is coming your way. You'll be on the crest of a financial wave.

At the beginning of February 2015 your energy is less. Your mind is willing, but your body does not follow! In the first week of February 2015 you could catch a cold or flu. Take care of yourself, Aries.

Keep always in mind that life may be too unpredictable sometimes and the most simplest decision may not always be the correct one. Keep both feet on the ground. Not everyone shares your opinion, Aries.