Aquarius February 2015


Aquarius February 2015

Money and possessions are most important this month. The New Moon on February 18 2015 happens in your own sign, Aquarius! For you this means a new beginning. This New Moon asks you to clear everything what no longer serves you, whether a relationship is, your accountant, a job or a friendship.Whatever it is that you also put overboard, first be sure that your ship is seaworthy without these passengers.

Love and Relationships
In February 2015 Love has a material touch. Love is intertwined with property and money. The free Aquarius could find a love with a financial touch after February 18 2015. For example, you could meet someone when you have an appointment at the bank or someone who in one way or another has to do with money or accounting. You will find that your loved loves getting fancy gifts, so keep in mind that love comes with a price! Repentance always comes too late, Aquarius.

Family and Home
Until February 18 you are financially supported by family members such as siblings, especially one of the parents or you have to support them financially. There may also be problems.
At the end of February 2015 a planetary shift takes place to your House of Siblings, Acquaintances and Neighbors. From February 21 Mars and Venus in Aries want you to spend more time together and talk things over. In the last week of February tempers may run in the family, having to do with finances.

You want nothing more than full speed ahead! The first half of February 2015 is more like a build up to a much busier period. The second half of the month is where the action is. With Venus and Mars in Aries are you ready for a new adventure! From February 19, 2015, the time has come for a new challenge. A new course or start with a new study, a new job or going abroad to find your luck? The choice is yours, Aquarius.

As you have already understood, money plays a major role in February 2015. Venus is the planet of the money. Until February 20, 2015 Venus remains in Pisces and your Home of Finance. During this period you will be able to put things in financial order and save money for your retirement. The presence of Mars in the House of Finance indicates that up to February 20, money comes from trade and sales. In the past few months had you to deal with financial stress. From the moment the Sun enters Pisces and your House of Finance on February 19, 2015 a major planetary shift takes place. Money-wise, things are going to change. The source of income is diverse. Revenue comes through multiple jobs or by third parties, your spouse, business partner or loved one. From February 19, there is a possibility a joint entrepreneurship, especially in the last week of February 2015.

Your health is fluctuating this month. February 2015 is the month par excellence for a diet or purifying diet, preferably in the first half of February 2015. See the doctor in time if you have a complaint. The second half of February 2015 is suitable for a medical checkup.

The first half of February 2015 may be considered as the lead to a new beginning. Wait a little and do not force things, Aquarius. Things gain momentum in the second half of February 2015.