February 2015

February 2015

February 2015 is a month with an increased freedom-loving Aquarius energy! Space and freedom, which is the theme of Aquarius!
Uranus, the planetary ruler of the innovative Aquarius, resides at 13 and 14 degrees in Aries. Uranus is the inventor, the rebel, the innovator. This month is a reflection of the human need to awaken from the straitjacket of rules and regulations. Events are observed from a higher perspective.
Human Rights, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the press, free expression, empowerment, integration, space, revolution and democracy are issues in the media this month.
Through the influence of the retrograde Mercury in Aquarius, existing plans involving humanitarian issues are taken out of the cupboard and given a good dusting. Long-awaited answers to life bring unexpected twists. There will be new versions on the market for existing products.

On February 3, 2015 there is a Full Moon in Leo at 14º. This Full Moon shines next to Jupiter in Leo.
The cooperation of this Full Moon with Chiron, Neptune, Venus and Mars in compassionate Pisces feels like a cosmic bath for the whole world.
Mother Moon makes us realize that we are one on this planet Earth, regardless of the individual world each of us live in.
Even though we differ in appearance, origin or religion, we are all human beings who are capable to love one, to inspire and to meet one another with gratitude and respect.

Since begin Januari 2015, our cosmic messenger Mercury travels through Aquarius. On January 21, Mercury went retrograde 17º in Aquarius for the first time this year. So, February begins with a retrograde Mercury in Aquarius.
This free, innovative and progressive Aquarius energy asks us to think outside the box and to use our creative potential.
Mercury retrograde slows life down, but this cosmic break also gives us the chance to catch our breath in these hectic times. Time to reflect, evaluate, revise, recover, retrieve and to finish things. Big opportunity to bump into long lost friends and acquaintances.
Until February 10, be prepared for technical failures and delays in traffic. The cold air of Aquarius can cause big problems!
Until that time, you’d better don’t buy cars, software or electronics. Don’t sign longterm contracts and agreements during this period, because matters need to be adjusted at a later date.
During this period thoughts and details are overlooked will be frequently changed.
Mercury will resume its immediate orbit around the sun from February 11 at 1º Aquarius. However, its shadow period will last until March 4, 2015.

Jupiter in Leo will remain retrograde until April 8 2015. This month February 2015, Jupiter is declining from 18º to 14º Leo.
From February 11 to March 3, 2015, an energetic Yod will be formed between the retrograde Jupiter, Chiron in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn!
Amidst all the confusion of these times, this Yod is a cosmic finger pointer warning us not to fall into hate and fear, but to be brave to follow the way of the heart.

Due to the position of Mercury in Aquarius, Valentine's Day 2015 may be a big letdown for many of us.
On 18 February 2015, A New Moon in Aquarius will be formed on the threshold of the water sign Pisces. On February 19, the Sun enters the water sign Pisces.

In the last week of February 2015 Venus and Mars will be dancing together for the first time in 2015 in fiery Aries.The feminine principle is united with the male. A love supreme!
Shortly after Valentine's Day, this is the best opportunity to open your heart for a new love!
Also a very beautiful period for art and creativity and to get an artistic project started not.
Spring is showing, filling our hearts with hope and joy.
In 2015, Venus and Mars will meet three times! We have to go back in history, because this conjunction is uncommon. The last time Mars and Venus were conjunct was in 1983 and 1985!
During these years the world was in a state of intense excitement. There was a euphoric atmosphere in the air as if something was about to happen. These years were marked by significant changes in many areas, especially relationships.
Now, 30 years later, the next blessed cycle of Venus and Mars takes place. With Venus conjunct Mars is all or nothing. In 2015, it's all about alterations in the relationship and in traditional roles.
This year there will be more divorces and many new connections will be closed this year.
Until February 20, 2015 Venus and Mars will swim together in the dreamy moonlit waters of Pisces.
A period of coming closer and growing together.
The actual merger takes place a few days after the New Moon in Aquarius on February 18, 2015 on 22 and February 23, 2015 1 on 2º in fiery Aries. This fiery cosmic tango continues until the end of February 2015.
This conjunction indicates a new beginning in love and business commitments. Freely expressing desires in the relationship will be the relational theme of February 2015.

The old wise Saturn is in Sagittarius until the end of December 2017. During these years Saturn forms a square with the altruistic Neptune in Pisces.
Neptune represents the spiritual world. The media. Hopes, dreams, illusions and disillusions. All things unreal. Neptune sows confusion.
Saturn is the cold reality. Structure and rules. Everything real. Saturn wants clarity.
Neptune is the opposite of the earthly Saturn. A difficult combination!
The fact that these two planets meet in the first three months of 2015 in a challenging square, will be felt in the world around us. Ideas will change and evolve in our own lives during this cycle of Saturn and on the collective scale or in the world. We can see changes in education, potential scandals in churches and political scandals and issues over laws and boundaries.

In our lives we are faced with disappointment, cynicism, dilemmas, illusions, fear and deception.The old familiar turns out to be a big lie. What is the truth anyway? Does the lie reign over us?
Freedom of speech and the overthrowing of sacred cows are themes that are broadly covered in the media.
Many of us are lost and afraid.
Many of us seek the truth and don’t find her. The role of the media can’t be underestimated, so the collective fear is even more fed.
Religion and government views, laws, education and our world views will come to the forefront and this transit will represent a conflict between extremist religious viewpoints and those of others. This conflict will not be limited to ISIS and the sharia law they push, but can include extremely conservative Christian groups and others and we will see many changes and conflicts.
The square between Saturn and Neptune causes besides confusion also infectious diseases and viruses.
On the collective many ideas will dissolve or change forms. Politics, governments, and laws will all be affected and we may see changes in the legal status of marijuana, water shortages and problems with water and the ocean, scandals in the church and the spread of disease among other things. Saturn’s restrictiveness will control the outbreak of Ebola and lead to a cure by the beginning of 2016..
As a result of the square between Saturn and Neptune many people are mentally and emotionally exhausted and looking for a way to escape into a fantasy world, which leads to an increase in alcohol and drug abuse.
During this period we are faced with a large-scale air and water pollution, especially groundwater.
Confusion, disappointment and illness are however a spiritual passage that will lead to the truth.
On the other hand this transit may help to give concrete realization to long held dreams and during this period they may take form after a long period and through a great deal of hard work and effort.
In November 2015 the square between Saturn and Neptune will be exact again, so this period may be a repeat of events from the first three months of 2015. In 2016 Saturn and Neptune meet again in the months of June and September.
Everyone with with Neptune in Sagittarius (1973-1974) and Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces or anyone with a person lam planet between 5 to 9 degrees in their birth chart will be affected by this influence of Saturn and Neptune. Saturn in Sagittarius will work best for Leo, Aquarius, Aries and Libra.
A sensible way of life and good resistance will help you to stay grounded and healthy.

Actually, February 2015 is a cosmic breather.
Calm before the Storm.
Because under this apparent peaceful tranquility cosmic tension grows.

The existing tension between Mars and Saturn could lead to dissatisfaction, resistance and rebellion against everything that has to do with the government and power.
During this voltage the two planetary giants Uranus and Pluto move closer to the seventh and final exact Square that will take place on March 17, 2015.
As "quiet" as in February 2015 proceeds, the hectic March 2015 will be.

Have an inspiring month of February!