Virgo December 2015


Virgo December 2015

In this time of year, almost all planets are situated on the bottom of the Virgo horoscope. There is a strong focus on your inner world, emotional healing to reconcile with the past and achieving inner emotional balance. It's the Night time for Virgo. A cosmic hibernation! The outside world is less important now. This month there may be a psychological breakthrough. The trauma and pain of the past do not have to influence your future.

Love and Relationships
In the first half of December 2015, there are some challenges in the fixed relationship, but there are opportunities to fall in love! As of December 23, 2015 the Sun lights up your House of Love and Romance! Love is in your life and warms your heart. Moreover, the Full Moon of December 25 falls in your House of Friendships, Groups and Social Involvement. In the next two weeks you will make new friends! The festive month of December invites to parties and events. In the first and third weekend of December 2015, there are many magically beautiful opportunities! It is also a positive time to be together with your regular partner and enjoy the beautiful lights in December. Enjoy this cosmic celebration of love, Virgo!

Family and Home
The New Moon of December 11 falls in your House of Family and Property. In the next two weeks there is a removal or renovation or you make plans to relocate or refurnish or renovate. From November 23, 2015 until December 22 2015, the focus is on your home and the emotional well being of your family and friends.

As previously mentioned, the outside world and your career is less important. Your private life is. It is a period of preparation. The focus is re-balancing your personal life and your social life. One always affects the other. You are now in a kind of cosmic hibernation to make changes in your personal life as a preparation for the period when the outside world will become more important again. It is a positive time to connect yourself with others who can help you with your career and finances to build up a stable foundation.

December 2015 is generally a positive month. Venus is your financial planet. From December 6, 2015 until December 30, 2015, Venus is traveling through Scorpio. Scorpio has to do with finances. Mars travels this month through your House of Finance. A very clear planetary message. Cleaning up, processing and meeting your financial obligations. Pay your debts. Make sure you can start the new year with a clean slate. Free yourself from everything that hinders a healthy income position. A positive period to take out a loan, but also to qualify for a commission, bonus, payment or benefit from insurance policy or taxes. Be reluctant to incur expenditure in the second half of December 2015. Budget control remains in December 2015 on the agenda, Virgo.

In the first three weeks of December 2015 you are very slow. It seems like you like hibernation. You are tired. In this period you also prone to get sick. In the last week of December 2015 your health improves when the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn on December 23, 2015. Make sure you take plenty of rest. Natural remedies have a beneficial effect on you, Virgo.

You've got a lot on your plate in 2015. In December 2015 is a month to look back at the year and to find peace. Take time for yourself, read a good book! Concentrate more on your home and make sure you fulfill your financial obligations.