Taurus December 2015


Taurus December 2015

December 2015 is a happy and successful month. Every Taurus is in the middle of a planetary shift! Besides Jupiter and Mars, all planets are at the top of the Taurus-horoscope. For Taurus, this means a psychological shift. The dawn is breaking in your annual cycle! You have built a stable inner world and the time has come to shine. It’s showtime!

Love and Relationships
Venus is the planet of Love and the ruling planet of the Taurus. From December 6 to December 30 2015, Venus is in your House of Relationships. Relationships are important to you. You need to be together. You don’t want to wait, you look for love, willing to do everything for love! Beware, however, because you tend to spend a lot of money for love. The last week of 2015 is a very positive time to connect. Thursday, December 24, 2015 is a great day for a date. Exciting!

Family and Home
The Full Moon of December 25, 2015 falls in your House of Communication, siblings and neighbors. In the next two weeks, a short trip out of town or nearby town is possible. By the end of the year you spend more time with your family or you travel to be with family and friends. These connections may be supportive of your career and finances. In the second half of December 2015, a vehicle, computer, cell phone or phone needs to be replaced or repaired. Mars in Libra has from 5 to December 12, 2015 dynamic aspects with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. Your husband, wife or love partner is ambitious and needs your support. Avoid confrontations and stress and protect your loved one as much as possible.

Venus is the planet of Daily Work. Venus enters your House of Relationships on 6 December 2015. Until the end of 2015, there is more opportunity to cooperate and compromising with business partners or colleagues. You are open to suggestions and feedback from others to solve any problem. December 2015 is a month of preparation. It is possible that there are projects where personal transformation predominates. Uranus is the planet of your career. Uranus turns direct on December 26, 2015. It is full steam ahead for Uranus and so is your career. Most planets are at the top of the Taurus-horoscope. This means there will be much progress in the first half of 2016!

The New Moon on December 11th, 2015 falls in your eighth House of Shared Finances, insurance, alimony, child support and taxes. This New Moon is favorable and promises in the next two weeks a benefit, commission, bonus or payout. A financially favorable period for taking out a loan for a home or car. Cooperation plays an important financial role this month such as borrowing money or signing a financial contract. Since November 23, 2015, the Sun travels through your eighth House of Public Finance. Your spouse, partner or loved one is experiencing a favorable financial period and wants to share this with you. But a financial reorganization is needed for a healthy financial future.

Your health and energy levels have improved, thanks to your optimistic attitude. There may be things in your life that are bothering you. These are things that need to be addressed. That may have to do with your career, your business, a friendship or maybe your body. The time has come address these issues. Life is constantly changing. Something dies, something comes to life. The old year is dying and the new year is about to be born. Death is not the end, but is always a beginning. Whatever changes, see it as a new beginning.

A day to expect the unexpected is December 21, 2015. On that day you have to deal with developments concerning electronics, computer, e-mails and the Internet. Problems may occur, but you could also receive unexpected news this way.