Scorpio December 2015


Scorpio December 2015

Except Uranus and Neptune, all planets on the eastern side of the Scorpio horoscope. With almost all the planets on the left side, the focus is on your personal life and your personal needs. You want to go your own way in life. On your terms. You do not need approval from others! Others adapt to you and support you in your choices. Even in love. But this will soon change, Scorpio.

Love and Relationships
Venus is the planet of universal love. On December 6, 2015, Venus crosses the threshold of Scorpio. Venus will remain in your sign until December 30, 2015 and that's great news for the love! Venus enhances your magnetic attraction. You feel beautiful and that radiate out from you. Love will find its way to you. Also in a committed relationship! You will notice that your partner is more dedicated to you. During the festive month of December you will be surrounded by love, warmth and light.

Family and Home
In the first week of December 2015, there may be family tension. The Full Moon of December 25, 2015 falls in your House of Travel. A wonderful position to go on a trip with your family! Because of the influence of Venus in Scorpio you would you rather stay at home and enjoy the peace, togetherness, lights and warmth of home. Venus encourages creativity and what's more fun to transform your home into a magical wonderland?

The month of December 2015 is a positive month for study and immerse yourself in a subject that supports your career. In the first half of December 2015 you have to avoid confrontations with colleagues and clients at work as much as possible. Mars squares Pluto. During this period colleagues and clients are stressed and may overreact. The second half of December 2015 is the best time to settle matters in order to start the new year with a clean slate.
The Full Moon of December 25, 2015 sets your focus to long-term projects, study abroad that support your career.

The New Moon of December 11th, 2015 falls in your House of Finance. In the next two weeks you have the chance to earn more money. You get a new job offer or a part-time job or an increase of sales in your own company. It is also possible that you are eligible for a bonus or commission.
Until December 22, 2015 there is sufficient income, but you must work hard for the money. It does not come easy due to the influence of Saturn in Sagittarius in your House of Finance. Hard work, overtime or a second job, however, is rewarded instantly! Through the influence of Venus in Scorpio this month, you are inclined to spend more money on your appearance. Think small first, Scorpio. You can spend it only once.

Your health and energy levels are good in December 2015. You are more energetic than usual. You can improve your health even further through spiritual therapy, spiritual healers and natural remedies. Watch your diet, especially in the month of December.

Be cautious about making impulsive purchases this month, Scorpio. In the next six months the focus will be more on your inner world, inner needs and emotional processing. The planets move and more towards the bottom of the Scorpio horoscope. Career goals are more or less reached and the time will come to build up energy for the next stage in your career. You're going to approach things differently such as visualizing your goals.