Sagittarius December 2015


Sagittarius December 2015

The planetary forces are on the left or east side of the Sagittarius-horoscope. This marks the culmination of personal independence and personal power. Your personal goals enjoy cosmic support! This cosmic tailwind brings you in this period of the year where you want to be.

Love and Relationships
In December 2015, the focus is on you, but also on the connections that you make. From the second week of December 2015 there will be more chances for love. As of December 11, 2015 it will only get better. On December 11th, 2015 Mercury enters the sign of Capricorn. A great time to be with friends and family. A time in which your social life is interwoven with the financial aspect! A period of meetings and the making of new friends. Mercury in the House of Finance feeds your generosity, but is also a little greedy. Wealth feels good. You could meet someone in areas where money is, for example, the bank. There are also more opportunities from December 11, 2015 for establishing partnerships or joint business ventures.

Family and Home
In the first half of December 2015 you should protect your children as much as possible. Provide relaxation and distraction in your family. A proper planning is needed! There's nothing in your way to enjoy with family and friends the coziness and warmth of the house. However, there may be problems with the house, regarding the sale or purchase of the house or getting a mortgage to buy a house.

Jupiter is your personal planet. Jupiter radiates until next year September 2016 in your Career House. Mars travels through the upper half of the Sagittarius-horoscope. With the energy of Jupiter and Mars, you are unstoppable in your ambition! Your personal universal solar cycle is in the washing phase. The Winter Solstice on December 21, 2015 is the beginning of a period for starting a new business or something new to show to the world.

The best things in life are free, Sagittarius. But you have to work hard to earn your money in December 2015. December 2015 however offers many opportunities to make more money! There are more contracts, orders and assignments for the entrepreneur. The Full Moon of December 25, 2015 falls in your House of Shared Income, resources, taxes, insurance and loans. In the next two weeks financial obligations are linked to others. There is a benefit, dividend or payment so you have the opportunity to meet your financial obligations or to find a solution to a financial situation. There may also be bonuses and commissions related to sales and work projects.

Despite planetary stress, your health is okay in December 2015. In the first week of December 2015 you must pay attention to your kidneys. The rest of December 2015, your colon, bladder and genitals become important, in short, your lower body. A colon irrigation, massage and detoxifying diet are recommended. Also, practice safe sex! Less alcohol or rather no alcohol at all. You have the most benefit from natural remedies this month.

The New Moon on December 11, 2015 is in your own sign, Sagittarius! The next two weeks, the focus is on you and your personal wishes and needs. It's about your self-esteem and all you are worth in life. So it's about your person, your look and your appearance. The New Moon in a good starting point for a makeover! With this New Moon you are in the center of attention this month.
Watch your diet this month, Sagittarius. December 2015 is a good month to clean up, personal, financial and relational! Avoid confrontations.