Libra December 2015


Libra December 2015

December 2015 is the month of cooperation, in business and in private life. In December 2015 you meet new people or you are enhancing interconnections. It's also time to find a business partner and build up a good business relationship.

Love and Relationships
Mars is your planet of Love. From 5 to December 12, 2015, Mars is challenging the planetary giants Uranus and Pluto. This dynamic aspects involve powerful emotions. These powerful emotions are not characteristic of Libra and lead to unpredictable developments. The period up to December 12, 2015 is marked by provocation and discord in your relationship. Have a little more patience with your partner and avoid embarrassing confrontations and tantrums, because he or she is going through a period of transformation. Love may seem far away, but is inextricably present. Your loved one is dedicated to you. Days 8, 10, 17, 20 and December 24, 2015 are meaningful days to spend with family or friends.

Family and Home
The New Moon on December 11th, 2015 falls in your House of Communication, siblings and neighbors. In the next two weeks, there are short trips outside the city and more communication through e-mails, text messages and phone calls.
As of December 23, 2015, the Sun in Capricorn travels through your House of Family and Home. Because of the Sun in Capricorn, old, unresolved family issues are brought up. Don’t let yourself be distracted too much, but embrace these memories. Cherish your parents and the connection you have with them. Whether they are still alive or no longer among us, they are always in your heart. Observe your feelings and write down what you feel. Then burn the paper and give it to the wind.

December 2015 is a positive month for your career.
In the first half of December 2015 there is a chance of a good job, between 10 and 12 December 2015! The Full Moon of December 25, 2015 falls in your House of Career. In the next two weeks there is potential for promotion and advancement. In a private company, there is room to start a business project or to find new ways for financial security for the future. Concentrate in December 2015 on your career and look for ways to earn more money. It is also the time of collaborations. Cooperation leads to progress in your career and more revenue. But don’t expect immediate results, but lay the foundations of a new company or partnership. In the second half of December 2015, there are discrepancies in the business area. You're not on the same wavelength with your colleagues, employees or associates.
December 2015 is a prosperous month for your finances! Pluto is your financial planet. From December 23, 2015, Pluto is accompanied by the Sun in Capricorn. This positive impulse continues in January 2016! Venus enters on December 6, 2015 the sign of Scorpio and remains until December 30, 2015 in your House of Finance. You feel like a king or queen. You want to pamper yourself as much as possible by spending money on clothes and luxuries.
Higher revenues in the next four weeks or additional earnings or revenues through partnerships or another job offer with better financial prospects.
The Full Moon in Cancer on December 25, 2015 provides in the next two weeks the chance of promotion, increased turnover or pay rise or a chance to earn more money.

The benevolent support of Jupiter in Virgo provides you strength and resiliency. Because of the influence of Jupiter, sometimes you want too much. You tend to forget the importance of healthy boundaries. After December 22, 2015 make sure you get enough rest.

As of November 23, 2015, the Sun travels through your House of Communication. Until December 22, 2015 is the best time to feed your spirit! A lecture or seminar or attending a course or workshop on a topic that interests you. A good time to go to school! Please note that your car, computer, telephone or other equipment has to be repaired or replaced.