Aquarius December 2015


Aquarius December 2015

The planetary shift from the East to the West is becoming increasingly evident in December 2015. On December 6 2015, Venus enters the highest point in the Aquarius horoscope. In the beginning of January 2016 Mars will follow. In the next six months, personal power and independence will be prominent in your life. A period of self-reliance, independence, personal empowerment and responsibility.

Love and Relationships
December 2015 is a beneficial month for love and social life, particularly in the first three weeks of December 2015! The New Moon on December 11th, 2015 falls in your House of Friendships, groups and organizations. There are parties, events and socializing. A month to go out and make new friends. Despite this beautiful influence, a steady relationship is experiencing an uncertain phase in which there is less trust and more worries. The Full Moon of November 25, 2015 in December 2015 brings opportunities to find a new love.
Family and Home
Venus is your planet of Home and Family. On December 6, 2015, Venus enters the sign of Scorpio and thus the MC, the House of Destiny in the Aquarius horoscope. This House is also about your parents and family support. Thanks to this position your career is wholeheartedly supported by your family! In December 2015 go more work from home in order to be more in your family. A parent or elder in the family supports your career or supports you financially. It is possible that you make a trip with your family or household this month.

The first three weeks are technologically oriented! Favorable period to upgrade electronic equipment, but also to upgrade your knowledge of technology and science. On December 6, 2015 Venus enters your Career House. Until the end of December 2015, the praise is blown and you get recognition for your hard work. The Full Moon of December 25, 2015 falls in your House of Work. In the next two weeks, your concentration is focused on completing tasks and projects at work. It is also time to work hard, because there is an increase in new tasks and projects. The new year is a new beginning of your career, a period of growth and prosperity and more income in the new year. Not all colleagues are pleased with you or allow that success, so keep that in mind. With Venus in the Tenth House it is advisable to keep your enemies real close.

December 2015 is a financially favorable month. Neptune is your financial planet. Last month, Neptune turned direct after a long period of retrogradation. From that moment on, there was more clarity and confidence in financial matters. Anyway, budget control remains an issue in your life with Neptune in your House of Finance. December 2015 is a month of hard work, but also of great financial opportunities. You can count on extras such as bonuses, commissions or other forms of reward for your efforts.

The Full Moon of December 25, 2015 falls in your House of Health. In the next two weeks, your concentration is focused on your health and wellbeing. Especially the period from December 11, 2015 is favorable time to go to the doctor or to start a diet to lose some weight. The Sun in Sagittarius gives you perseverance and Saturn in Libra offers you the necessary resistance. In the first half of December 2015 Mars and Pluto cross swords with each other. Despite the Sun and Saturn you have less energy and you are more prone to become ill or get injured, so keep that in mind.
Be careful on the road during the period from 5 to 12 December 2015. From the time of the Winter Equinox on December 23 2015 a spiritual period begins for you. There is a desire to pull back and find yourself. A period of spiritual retreat and healing meditation. This period is intended to grow spiritually. You are responsible for your own happiness!