Taurus August 2015


Taurus August 2015

Last month a shift was happening, but from the second week of August 2015 the individually directed energy shifts until early 2016 to the cooperative energy.

Love and Relationships
On August 12, 2015 Jupiter enters your House of Love and Romance and makes friends with Pluto, your planet of Love! Up to September 2016, you may enter a year of love and happiness! It has been twelve years since Jupiter traveled through your House of Love. This planetary change affects your desires. A wonderful year to get married or having a baby. However, Saturn remains until September 18, 2015 in your House of Relationships, so the atmosphere will remain a bit serious and full of challenges to bring existing problems to a solution. During this period, a difficult relationship may come to an end. From the end of September 2015 the spark of love returns! This year beautiful opportunities for love is coming your way. The Full Moon of August 29 falls in your House of Friendships and Social Involvement. A great day to make new friends or to do some networking. The next two weeks is all about togetherness, friendships and get-togethers.

Family and Home
Because of the entry of the Sun in Leo, from July 23, 2015 it’s all about your home and family. This homely energy will remain until August 23, 2015! Until that moment you are more sentimental and reflecting your childhood. Unprocessed traumas from past lives or from your childhood may still influence the here and now defining how you react to current situations. You may heal your traumas. The road to self-healing is to make the decision not to allow any pain from the past dominate you life any longer and by embracing your own inner child. From August 12, 2015, children in the family and relatives will play a major role in your life in the next year. On August 9, 2015 Mars enters your House of Family and Home and also the New Moon of August 14, 2015 falls in your House and Family and Home, showing that the period ahead is dominated by renovation, relocation or improving or decorating your home and garden.

Thanks to Jupiter in Virgo, from August 12, 2015 there will be room for completing creative projects, ideas or a masterpiece successfully. Until mid-September 2016 your creative fruits are fully addressed, such as a beautiful painting, writing or publishing a book, listening or writing music or poems or maybe a self-designed website will see the light! All what is interesting or important to you!

In the first week of August 2015 there are financial obligations. There are bills to pay. Ensure proper financial planning this month.

In the first three weeks of August 2015 your health is delicate. When the Sun enters Virgo on August 24, 2015 you will find your condition improves.

The time has come to use your social skills. In the next six months your goals can only be reached by consensus and through the cooperation of others. Don’t force anything!