Scorpio August 2015


Scorpio August 2015

August 2015 is an eventful and adventurous month, Scorpio. A period in which the focus will be on yourself, on your personal interests. It is about you, about what you want, your desires. Time to take the initiative to stand up for yourself and take responsibility for your own happiness. In the next six months is all about your own inner strength, Scorpio.

Love and Relationships
Venus is your planet of Love. Venus is retrograde this month. In the first week of August 2015 there will a nice meeting, but don’t push it or force it. Give it some time. The Full Moon of August 29, 2015 in your House of Love makes your heart beat faster! This Full Moon shows you the way to a new love. Jupiter enters your House of Friendships from August 12, 2015 and when the Sun joins Jupiter on August 24, this commences a nice social period for you. There are parties and events to attend, a period to meet people and make new friends! All in all, August 2015 is a month of social contacts. True love can wait.

Family and Home
The Full Moon in Pisces on August 29, 2015 falls in your House of Love, Children and Creativity. A nice two week period dawns for you and your children to go on holiday or with your family to do fun things! The Full Moon in Pisces also wants you to make contact with your own inner child who needs attention and love. Aunts and uncles and other relatives support your career.

Jupiter will be traveling from August 12, 2015 until September 9 2016 through your House of Friendships, Social commitment and Hope. In this year, participation is relevant to your career, but your input is just as important for the development of the career of your friends!
The New Moon in Leo on August 14, 2015 falls in your House of Career! In the next two weeks you may get a promotion or maybe a new job! As of August 9, 2015 Mars will travel through your House of Career. This commences the beginning of seven weeks of working hard, but also new possibilities for work, recognition and reward for your efforts. The third week of August 2015 is a busy one! This whole month, career opportunities are offered with good financial prospects. Especially the first week of August 2015 looks promising for your career and finances. Overall August 2015 provides great opportunities for your career. Don’t underestimate the importance of cooperation.

This month looks good financially. There are nice financial opportunities and that has to do with the journey of Mars through your House of Career! A new job or promotion will result in additional revenue.

August 2015 is a busy month in which a lot is expected of you at work. So you have to deal with stress and as you know, stress is a culprit. To unwind, it is good to relax regularly in the presence of dear friends and to enjoy beautiful music or a movie. Keep thinking positive and constructive thoughts.

In the last week of this month are the best social opportunities! Especially August 26, 2015 is a very good day to meet interesting people.