Libra August 2015


Libra August 2015

Jupiter enters your House of Karma and Release on August 12, 2015. This month, Mercury and the Sun will be traveling though this mystical House, making August 2015 an auspicious spiritual month. You want to know more about spirituality, esoteric and extraterrestrial life. This could be the beginning of a magical journey that will broaden your path giving you the insights that you need.

Love and Relationships
Especially in the first week and the last week of August 2015, the theme of social togetherness, cooperation, friendships, associations or groups is prominent. Also, the first and last week of August 2015 is positive for love! A steady relationship may be even become closer. Mars enters Leo on August 12, 2015 in your House of Friendships and Social Involvement. Over the next seven weeks of social gathering, new friendships are made! Mars is your planet of Love. Mars leaves on August 11, 2015 your House of Career. In the last couple of weeks you were more attracted to people with power and prestige. Now it’s true friendship that matter the most! The bachelor Libra is looking for love on the internet, but your best chances are in an event or group activity. Friends are matchmakers or at least play they play the role of mediator when a problem in a relationship occurs.

Family and Home
August 2015 shows a month in which your family play an important role.
The domestic situation is harmonious. Their support are the pillars beneath your career!

A beautiful and happy month for your career! The Full Moon of August 29, 2015 falls in your House of Work. In the next two weeks your career will become more important and you will be working hard! It is possible that you are applying for a job with better working conditions and opportunities.
In any event, legal and regulatory issues regarding your career will be resolved in your favor.

Financially you are not out of the rain, but you're on the right track. It looks better for you than you might think! On August 2, 2015 Saturn will be direct again after a long period of retrograde and after August 12, 2015 Jupiter will be friends with Pluto in Capricorn, your planet Money. All in all this is the beginning of a prosperous period. Unfortunately, Pluto is still retrograde. Provide a clear financial overview and planning.

The Full Moon of August 29, 2015 falls in your House of Health. Pay special attention to your health and sense of wellbeing. Time to get rid of excess weight. Be aware of what you eat and drink.

Jupiter enters your House of Karma on August 12, 2015. The coming year will focus on your wellbeing. Let go of all that’s negative. That may be weight, but also negative people and habits in your life that feels like a heavy coat. Take off that coat, Libra.